Team Needs.

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    Team Needs.

    Here are needs going into 2010 free agency and the 2010 draft.

    1. OLB/DE: Aside from Tully Banta-Cain the Patriots generated almost no pass rush ranked 23rd (The worst for a playoff team, the second being the Jets at 18). With Seymour gone, Jarvis Green a free agent, and Adalius Thomas likely/hopefully to be cut this is the position where the Patriots need the most help. 
    Free Agents include Shawne Merriman, Thomas Howard (A guy I like a lot), Rocky McIntosh, Jason Taylor, Mike Vrabel, Julius Peppers, Elvis Dumervil, and Richard Seymour.
    Rookies include:  Sean Weatherspoon (Versatile can play both ILB and OLB), Sergio Kindle, Rennie Curran, Greg Hardy, Carlos Dunlap, Corey Wootton, Brandon Graham (very solid player)

    2.*NT: A nose tackle is only  needed if Wilfork is not resigned. In a 3-4 defense the NT is the achor of the defense and is key to stoping the run. How we handle his contract situation may play a big role in free agency and the draft. Myron Pryor has shown some brightness but Ron Brace looks like he can't handle NFL linemen. 
    Free Agents include: Aubrayo Franklin, Ryan Pickett, and Tony Brown
    Rookies Include: Gerald McCoy, Terrence Cody, Marvin Austin, Geno Atkins,  Lawrence Marsh.

    3. WR/TE: Randy Moss on the decline, Wes Welker returning from injury, and no prominent 3rd receiver this position needs a lot of help. Julian Edelman is a bright spot in the lackluster group of receivers in New England under Welker and Moss. For the TE's Watson is a free agent and Baker is a primarily a blocking TE, the patriots need a balanced TE that can also be a miss match against LB's.
    Free Agents Include: WR: Antonio Bryant, Steve Breaston, Kevin Walter, Jason Avant, Chris Chambers.  TE: Owen Daniels, Tony Scheffler, Anthony Fasano.
    Rookies Include: WR: Dez Bryant, Arrelious Benn, Brandon LaFel, Marshawn Gilyard, Eric Decker, Golden Tate, Jordan Shipley. TE: Jermaine Gresham and then the other guys.

    4. G: Running game has been soft and pass protection has been lack luster, with possible free agents Stephen Neal and Logan Mankins this position could be a future problem. 
    Free Agents Include: Jahri Evans.
    Rookies include: Rodney Hudson, Sergio Render, John Jerry, Mike Johnson, Dan Doering.

    5. RB: Aging RBs including Laura Maroney with fumblitis. 
    Free Agents include: Cadillac Williams, Darren Sproles, Mike Bell, Willie Parker, Jerome Harrison.
    Rookies include: Jonathan Dwyer, C.J. Spiller, Jahvid Best, LeGarrette Blount, Toby Gerhart.

    6. CB: Weak group include Wilhite and Wheatley. Bodden is a free agent, Springs is old, Butler is a bright spot. 
    Free Agents: Carlos Rogers, Dunta Robinson, Marlin Jackson. 
    Rookies: Patrick Robinson, Joe Haden,  Kyle Wilson, Javier Arenas, Ras-I Dowling.

    7. MLB: Guyton is a free agent, need some depth.
    Free Agents: Barrett Ruud, Kirk Morrison.
    Rookies: Brandon Spikes, Rolondo McClain.

    8. P/K: Hanson is terrible and Ghost is inconsistent.
    Free Agents:Jeff Feagles, Sebastian JanikowskiJeff Reed.
    Rookies: Matt Dodge,  Zoltan Mesko, Brett Swenson, Josh Arauco.

    9. OT: Matt Light also declining, Kazur is bad, Vollmer is the best.
    Free Agents: Jared GaitherMike GandyWinston Justice
    Rookies: Adam latoski, Charles Brown.

    Who would you like to see in a Patriots Uniform?
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    Re: Team Needs.

    9. I dont like those free agent options
    * Gaither will almost certainly be re-signed
    Dump Kaczur and play Light on the right and Vollmer on the left

    8. Punter could be upgraded and Gostowski is elite

    7. Depth I agree... I like Guyton he is solid but he played better when Mayo was out... I think we could use a veteran paired with Mayo and maybe Guyton as insurance at ILB and OLB

    6. Like Dunta Robinson alot but I think he will end up staying in Houston... I think Bodden and Butler are ok and anything resembling a pass rush will make any defensive backfield look better

    5. Would like Cadillac Williams at RB with Taylor, Morris, Faulk and maybe a rookie
    thats solid but possibly unrealistic... maybe Cadillac, Taylor, Maroney and Faulk???

    4. Add depth at G

    3. Outside WR to aid Moss and make it harder to double him

    2. Another DT either way but a behemoth one if wilfork is lost

    1. I would still like Jason Taylor to join us
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    Re: Team Needs.

    I agree, Kazur has got to go, but I think Matt Light is Declining too. I would like to see Jason Taylor or last years rumor Julius Peppers
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    Re: Team Needs.

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    Re: Team Needs.

    Here are some of the needs per ESPN and what is most likely to happen, the crystal balls are out

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    Re: Team Needs.

    Team needs:

    1. Offensive coordinator

    2. OLB pass rusher

    3. Sign Bodden

    4. WR option for Brady. Probably free agent.

    5. Dump Burgess and Thomas to free up some money. 

    6. Tackle - Matt Light looks awful. We need to draft a replacement immediately because this guy cannot hold his own anymore. Either can Kazcur. Voll can take either side and play just as well it seems. 

    7. A pass catching hard nosed fullback. I know we go with single back formation but I think we need a fullback on this team. 

    8. Inside linebacker- a project we can develop. Guyton just is not the guy. Great backup but we need more out of that position. 

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    Re: Team Needs.

    Defensive Coordnator as well
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    Re: Team Needs.

    Offensive coord....... a real number three receiver that gets the attention of oppsoing defenses, OLB that can bring the heat, More big German lineman :)
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    Re: Team Needs.

    I keep looking at these post day after day, week after week, and everyone is saying the same things in terms of team needs. Im not the smartest guy in the room at all, but consider myself fearly astute in football matters. Everyone here is so caught on getting a pass rush and Im all for that believe me. Ive been harping on that and many other points since 07'. 81 has been my fav. player ever, I loved seeing him tear this league up as he's done his whole career, but Ive been saying, "you know teams are going to figure out this guy is are only real scoring threat". And still is, we dont have another consistent threat to put up 6. My larger point here is that this team has real needs everywhere, there isnt one spot that we cant use an upgrade of some sorts. Hey like I said earlier Im all for finding the next Merrimen and Taylor, but have so many other holes why not try an fill em' if possible. For instance, something I havent really heard at all is about the ilb spot. Im not sure if people arnt watching or just assume Mayo is killin' it at ilb, but if you watch at this year that couldnt be further for the truth. Hey I think the guys got skills, but you cant just blame his problems this year on his injuries. Hes been beatin' around the edge, failed at stopping and stuffing up the middle, which might be the most alarming of his difficulties this year. And like most of the D has had some problems with wrapping up all year. Now their have been some (ZBELL)on here that are saying all we need is a pass rush and our D is fixed, problem solved. Well your a moron or just think your alot smarter than you are if you think thats our only issue on D. Now everyone knows that the draft is risky in general, but I think olb is very hard to project from college to pros. Ive always been a "best available guy" , when if ever do teams only need to fill one spot. And as I said before , I think this team has need everywhere. Their are a couple of guys in this draft that to me are as close to sure things as possible. Guys like McClain, Berry, Haden, Spiller, Cody, Thomas(who I really like), Dunlap and Morgan off the top of my head. Ive also been saying this team needs a stud bad. The Pats will be picking at 22, if someone like Haden falls to say around 15 then and theres a chance he'll be gone by 22, then Im all for moving up to grab him. Believe it or not there are guys worthy of trading up for, Hows Revis and Harris working out for the jokes. Not to mention dirty Sanchez, hasnt been great, but played alot better than I thought he would last game and he was a big help in the teams win. Now this is a point Ive been hammering The Pats and BB about for years, how would Harvin and J-Charles look in a Pats uniform. Harvin would make a great 3 and can help in so many other areas, punt returns, throw him in the backfield 3-4 times a games. He can line up on the outside, but I love him in the slot and has no problem making a tough catch over the middle. Charles can do it all, run up the middle and hit the hole, beat you around the edge and prolly will end up catching 30-35 balls a year. Has some issues holding on to the ball, but shows promise and makes every effort in fixing that. If those two are here were only talking about a OG and tight end for the O. Light will not be on the LT spot, most likely move over to RT or they'll drop or trade him and keep Nick K in the spot. And this team desperately needs an effective tight end. It amazes me that we dont have one that can go over the middle and make a big catch. Either we dont have one or the guys we have cant perform that duty. Absolutely amazes me! And on D, this team has so many holes its not funny. I gave Merriweather this year to see what he has, but tackling issues are huge with this kid. And as many of you have heard the angles he takes are terrible. Theres no reason not to try an address both spots, maybe Thomas from Texas, this kid can do it all. Hes a ball hawk and has no problem with tackling, some like him as much as Berry believe it or not. Id grade Berry higher, but not by much. Haden is a stud too, will make the big hit and tackle, and weve all heard about his ball hawking skills. I really like McClain and spikes as well, McClain more, but both could really help here as ILB IS A BIG ISSUE. Sorry so long, but this team has long problems. Would love to hear from you guys about my assertion that this team has major issues on both sides and therefore need can use help at many different positions, not just a "pass rush".