Tebow, Christianity and the Media

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    Re: Tebow, Christianity and the Media

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    This quote is from Michael Silver's column on Yahoo Sports this week. It brings up many questions about the role of religion, prostylizing vs. self expression, First Ammendment rights and what kind of controversy players will bring with them etc. Your thoughts? Last week, one AFC front-office executive went so far as to turn Tebow’s biggest perceived positive against him, saying the quarterback’s much-publicized embracing of Christian values and immense popularity made him a less attractive draft pick. “I don’t want any part of him or the circus,” the executive said. “At some point, as a team, don’t you have to be concerned with what comes with him? The guy has never met a microphone he didn’t like, and he’s obviously got a message. I think he needs to go away and hide for awhile.”
    Posted by NYC

    First Amendment Rights?

    Is the government trying to pass a law against Tim Tebow speaking about religion?

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    Re: Tebow, Christianity and the Media

    In Response to Re: Tebow, Christianity and the Media:
    In Response to Re: Tebow, Christianity and the Media : No it is not being forced on them. If a Jewish or Muslim person wanted to say a prayer over the PA system, I might Think it was weird but I wouldnt whine about it and gripe and moan and complain, and it is not because I am a Christian, It is because I wouldnt want to look like a jerk. Which I think most reasonable human beings would think. I think most people who are not left wing nut jobs would just keep their opinions to themselves. I dont recall any outcry for anything like this nor do I recall any Muslim or Jewish person ever offering to make a public prayer so i have no point of reference for that. But this is the age of diversity so any reasonable person would think that saying something would be viewed as devisive. SO your assertion that Christians would stand up and clamour holds no basis of reality and is just an opinion.
    Posted by Colosoxman

    Yes, it is. If they don't like it but simply go along as they basically feel peer pressure, then they are being subjected to something they don't want. That is what I don't like about people who take advantage of this kind of scenario - you are the bad guy for speaking out against it when it is well within your right not to have to listen to it.

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    Re: Tebow, Christianity and the Media

    In Response to Re: Tebow, Christianity and the Media:
    In Response to Re: Tebow, Christianity and the Media : Well, we've never met, so it's nothing personal.  But if you're implying there are too many Southern Baptists in the NFL then I would take issue with that, yes.
    Posted by Muzwell

     Some people in this thread have implied that there is a bias in the NFL againts Tebow simply because he is religious.

      I hear that Tebow is a Southern Baptist

      I said there are alot of southern Baptist  in the NFL and no one has a problem with that/them.

     I was just making a point.  

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    Re: Tebow, Christianity and the Media

    29 of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence had Theology degrees. So, yes, the country was founded on the freedom to express Christian belief.   

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    Re: Tebow, Christianity and the Media

    "White man's burden, Loyd my man...white man's burden."
                              ~Jack Nicholson -"The Shining"

    If you were lookin' real close, you could see I was doin' the trademark "Nicholson-Insanity-Eyebrows" with that phrase... 

    ~SEE, this is off my first post...  I'm layin' in bed thinking, IF only I trully had somethin' to believe in:  And therein lies the crux (no, not the Nicholson-Insanity-brows)...WHAT exactly IS, or does it mean to actually have something to "Believe In?"  Is believing in something, another term for "Having something, some worthy enough cause to fight for?"  And does THAT mean:  "Joining in with some party or group, that's somehow underappreciated, or misunderstood, or in some minority of their thought, actions, credes, and/or beliefs," or whatnot- Perhaps overall, "Poising yourself up against the more predominantly held belief-system or action"...I really don't know?  BUT IF it is some part or parcel of that former thesis I just offered...I got nuthin'.

    Which brings me back to Nicholson's quote from "The Shining"I'm a white, middle-class, straight, healthy male, in a rich country, who comes from a Christian background, and who is decently educated...  I think, I pretty much just exemplified the greater majority of my friends, family, peers, area and region too.  And that's the prob....I gots nothin' to pose myself up against, being a trademark and token cog of my greater evironment and people.  Let's take the issues singularly, Shall we (In Order as Given)?

    White (caucasian to be PC):  I'm Italian, Romanian, Irish, and Lakota Indian.  I mean, 1 look at me and NOONE's buyin' the "My ancestors were repressed" with that Lakota-part card.  Besides, it's an overall hard sell to say that 1/4 of your previous kin were repressed by 3/4's of your other past ancestors...  Maybe, If I was 1/3 American Indian, it'd be smoother lip service (e.g. ya now-less b-sh#t).  Don't ask me how that'd 1/3rd thing would work, something involving a tomahawk with my parents and grandparents.  IF I was just half-black though, I could write cr#ppy poetry like Maya Angelou and be able to sell it too.  Oh well, THIS one's a lost cause at least...

    Middle Class:  Sorta unsure IF there still is a "middle class."  BUT, IF there's one-I'm it- condo, job, sedan, decent clothes, enough to eat.  There must be one, If I can afford to get a $900 cat.  So what am I suppossed to do here, Live out in an alley?  With all my other trademarks of being a white, American, Male with an income and a secondary education, with NO addictions (anymore-haven't used a drug-incl liquor, in like 4 years)=In otherwords someone might say, "Hey what happened to you?"  What would I say back?  "Shhh," doesn't quite cut-it.  Maybe, "Social Experiment."  "Why do you have a $900 cat then?"  "Phew," I'll think, "He didn't see the espresso machine & sleep number mattress, which I got jerry-rigged to the wall-I actually might be able to convince this dude."  

    Straight:  Alright, IF I can keep simply ONE of these aspects, I'm just...I'm REALLY attached ta this one here.  Again, just like Seinfeld, "Nothing wrong with it though."  Unfortunately, I didn't always feel that way...as a HS popular jock-(ya know an idi#t), I musta said some derisive comments thrown the other way, Because a buddy of mine, who came outta the closet in College nicely reminded me that I had accordingly and that I was the very LAST of our circle of friends whom he told about his homosexuality (I thought later, How it did explain overall his lack of dating girls in HS, & WHY he didn't go after this hot chick who I wanted myself back in HS).  I recall visiting him before he told me when He was @ UHart, and I was already a far more enlightened person from College than in my HS years, and I remember (lol) I commented something about his wall-posters of all dudes from like GQ mags or something, by saying something to the effect of, "That's great that a straight dude like Matt does that to mess with people, some people are too homophobic overall." 
         Lmao...Laz Not very good @ 2nd grade addition.  Ya see having a gay friend, at least for me (even during my post-college-enlightened time), was like having a friend who just might be An Extraterrestrial under his human skin, or perhaps maybe knowing a Mormon...you'd NEVER know it until they told you (pretty "enlightened" analogy, huh?).  Overall, I'll tell ya'll what I told Matt when he finally told me:  I said, "I'm extremely sorry, what I said or believed in the past...You should KNOW, we homies throughout, BUT If you start talkin' with a lisp, I'll kill ya...because that'd mean, You're Gay AND You're Fake."  Probably shoulda kept my mouth shut even then though...Oh well, overall-back to the point-IF I get ta keep 1, Boy, it's this one...I mean, I don't got the hygiene OR wardrobe to deal with that...I'm gonna quit while I'm behind here, ya... 

    Healthy:  Alright, Maybe KEEPING 2 aspects of my being.  Seriously, man...I guess what this pretty much boils down to, IS that I want something to pose myself up against, But geez...I DON'T want all that crazy endless suffering and needless pain or alienation that it might bring...  Alright, Fine-I said it.  I want to believe in something, or perhaps BE apart of some group, BUT I don't want to actually have to SUFFER because of my race, class, gender, sex, HEALTH, nationality, religion, or pretty much-Anything and Everything else.  I don't wanna deal with being born with a boot-foot, no arms, and blind...he!!, I ain't THAT strong.  Wow, Failed on this "Health" one pretty good (didn't think I'd outdue the previous one, wow)...  So (*cough-I'm an id#ot), moving along...

    Male:  Does it matter, IF I've thought about being a Lesbian before?  See though, I have this sneaking overall suspicion that the lesbians I DON'T see on the internet, Are the REAL vast-majority of the lesbians: Butch, Ugly, & Mean.  I personally believe, the best one can hope for, Is to live in a world that's totally corrupted with fantasies and delusions...And to me, That says MALE all over it.  I don't wanna give birth and cr#p...forget that!  See Lol, I believe my younger brother expressed EXACTLY how Men see Women's Bodies (and I suppose, they're greater sexual apparatuses):  "Laz, women's bodies are like Magwai-They have these insanely high maintenance body parts that fear any bright lights, parts that you Should NOT once feed after midnight without repercussions, and parts that IF you EVER get them wet, sooner or later-You're gonna have yourself a Gremlin problem.  I mean, whatTH is a uterus, or a g-spot...I've never found one, so God only knows IF they're fictitous and amusing designs of someone's overall imagination." 
         Good stuff, right there...  So to conclude, I have heard that it's some sort of precondition to be a "Hot Lesbian" that I'd have to also be one of these insane creatures too (i.e. "A Woman").  So I'd like to amend my first statement:  I don't want to be a Lesbian, I just want to be with more lesbians."  Much better...

    U.S.A.:  I like that this is one of the few countries where I can openly criticize the system, the people, the religions, and WhateverTH else I want.  But seriously for a moment here, There's something to be said about living in a civilized culture who's on the upswing...a society that's yet to hit it's high mark, It's zenith.  Because honestly, America imo hit it's water-mark anywhere from It's inception-1945 (dominant global superpower, having "the bomb", Elvis, etc..)-TO-maybe 1999 (complete fall of communism, good economy, Eminem, etc.)...  Idk, I just feel The U.S. has hit it's high-point.  I know, this'll get me smashed, BUT I also know that I'm not alone here.  I'm NOT saying that the U.S. (and all the traits & dreams which has made it so wonderful)- IS dissolving, decaying, and/or falling apart (it is though)...I'm SIMPLY saying that this country's ideals/dreams/whatnot are far harder to accomplish than in the days of even recent yesteryear.  I'm not saying, IT's collapsing...It just seems that we're now part of a culture, who has already hit it's highest peak (god, I hope I'm wrong here).    
         But what am I suppossed to do, without the language, culture, and more than ALL else: the resources-to go Elsewhere?  Go to Canada?  I don't even have the resources to move outta state, let alone go to some godforsaken arctic tundric wasteland of questionable national culture(s)...but better political & social ideals 8^) (that smiley face is for you, You crazy ole' french/english/dutch/norwegian/ scottish/icelandic canadiens you).  Maybe, IF we could get roughly 3 billion people in China to learn English and the metric system, and If they paid my way and set me up as some head of a governmental agency...then yea, mayyybe.  

    Good Education:  I believe that I pretty much summed this one up on Laz's failed attempt to do simple addition regarding my friend.  I mean, when my 1st grade teacher told us, "O.k. class, the majority of you ALL have mastered the addition tables for the numeral '1'...So We're now upping the stakes, by moving onto the Number '2', any questions?"  So I said to her, "WhatTH is a 'numeral', and what does 'majority' and 'upping the stakes' mean?  Look lady, It took me 3 months to figure out that 1+0=1 and that 1+1=2, BUT that 0+1 also equaled 1, And NOW you're throwing in ANOTHER number?  I mean Jesus, I figured out that whenever you leave the room, it's to p#rk the custodian...Omg, omg-Can't we go back to clocks, my god-it was all so easy with clocks & crayons."  "Someone needs to see MR. Principal yet again," she said.  So I go up to the principal's office (again), and I tell him EXACTLY what I told her... And he says, "Dear god that b#tch told ME I was the only on-I mean, How would YOU like to go back to Mr. Kindergarten, lil' guy."  "Oh boy," I said, "Lincoln Logs, Legos and 2 seperate snack times!"  "But FIRST," He said-  I interrupted, "But first, you want me to spend the rest of the year spying on my teacher & the custodian and then sneaking up here to tell you about it, right?"  "Man, you're a smart guy, huh," said the principal.  "I don't have to defecate in my pants to seal the deal, like I did with the 2nd-1st grade shift, do I?"   What I'm sayin' to you ALL is, I wouldn't trade this nation's public skool educhation 4 nutin...

    RELIGION:  I'm pretty much in the majority ye again:  For the greater part, My ancestors were Christians, or some form of that basic, Jesus thing.  BUT, I have serious questions about it (not to mention, serious questions regarding certain folks & groups giving lip-service about "love" than acting like sc#mbags to thanyone and everyone they want to apart from 2 hours of "love" @ church on sundays; serious questions on how well it's credes and doctrines have been corrupted by those in power at the time throughout 2000+ years-language translations, lost books, altering certain original beliefs to convert and speak better to the masses or simply, just Christians themselves-while altering other original beliefs to hold onto power structures and limit oppossing groups with oppossing viewpoints; serious questions on how well/good antiquated forms of ritual & greater doctrines from the time were biased; serious questions on it's literary and prosaic, metaphoric, and non-christian aspects as they've become intangled with actual ALL pervading Christian actual historical reality; etc., etc., and I mean ETC.). 
         It just becomes so corrupted for those with any knowledgable education regarding greater Christianity within ANY true historical context, THAT it does become for many of us, a tough pill to swallow whole and absolutelyAND dang, I really DO want to believe.  THIS is the all-pervading ethos of my life-A yearning to have some form of spirituality in order to appease my guideless soul.  There isn't 1 single night that I don't go to sleep without thinking of god, eternity, salvation, judgement, or any and and the million remaining of ALL of these bigger existential aspects.  I don't even know how to end this, but hey-HOW 'bout that Lesbian part, huh, and man-My bro's timeless magwai analogy...classic, right?         
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    Re: Tebow, Christianity and the Media

    If he is such a big hot crap Chrisitian how is he going to work on the sabbath.  I think there is a commandment or something about honoring the sabbath.  How are all these die hards in the NFL justifying working on the sabbath?
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    Re: Tebow, Christianity and the Media

    In Response to Re: Tebow, Christianity and the Media:
    If he is such a big hot crap Chrisitian how is he going to work on the sabbath.  I think there is a commandment or something about honoring the sabbath.  How are all these die hards in the NFL justifying working on the sabbath?
    Posted by patsfaninroch

     Uh Sabath would be Saturday. Actually Friday 6PM to Saturday 6 PM
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    Re: Tebow, Christianity and the Media

    In Response to Re: Tebow, Christianity and the Media:
    In Response to Re: Tebow, Christianity and the Media :  Uh Sabath would be Saturday. Actually Friday 6PM to Saturday 6 PM
    Posted by Colosoxman

    which our Jewish brothers observe. its not a Christian thing