Tebow - Fantasy vs. Reality

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    Tebow - Fantasy vs. Reality

    One thing that's great about Tim Tebow is he's a great "Fantasy- Football" player. Since he is essentially a running back who throws -- he's going to consistently get "Fantasy-owner's" a lot of points. Naturally, this writer is quite happy that he had the "testicular-fortitude" to start Tim Tebow over an established "above-average" quarterback like Matt Shaub yesterday. Now, as good as Matt Shaub was yesterday in leading his team to victory (18/23 comp./attempts, 296 passing yards, 12.9 Yds. per. attempt, 2 TD, with a 147.7 QB-rating) Tebow was even better. Tebow, like Shaub led his team to victory, but put up even better "fantasy-numbers" than Shaub. Although Tebow was not very accurate throwing the football (13-27) , he did throw for 2 TD's, and ran for 65 YDS with a 2-point conversion. All in all, he was a slightly better scorer -- "Fantasy-wise" than Matt Shaub. That being said, I watched Tim Tebow try to play quarterback for the Denver Broncos yesterday, and I've come to this conclusion -- Tim Tebow IS NOT A NFL- QB, and for 3 1/2 quarters he proved just that -- he was abysmal. Therefore, I will enjoy Tim Tebow while he's the starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos, Why? Because he's on my "Fantasy-Football" team. But the scary thing is, if Tim Tebow continues to play like he did for most of the game yesterday, and does not learn how to throw the football with better accuracy, he will not have a job for long, because that's simply the REALITY of the situation.

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    Re: Tebow - Fantasy vs. Reality

    Agree, and I took a chance on him this weekend too and it paid off.
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    Re: Tebow - Fantasy vs. Reality

    I took him too since my QB was on a bye and I knew Tebow would get a ton of points just from running but my god, he was so bad I'm dumping him this week in favor of Ponder. The risky thing about QB's who are more RB then QB is that they can easily be shut down by putting a spy in the box. If you devote 1 player just to camp out in the box and watch for Tebow you are essentially forcing him to beat you with his arm. After yesterday I seriously doubt he could do that. Yes he was great fantasy this week and maybe next week but I give it only a couple weeks before the league catches up and stops him cold. If you can get a chance to grab Ponder I would drop Tebow in a heart beat.
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    Re: Tebow - Fantasy vs. Reality

    i think it just took some time for him to get acclimated.

    the end of the game was impressive, i really couldn't believe he got the job done.

    i have him in both my leagues.  we'll see what happens.  i'm rooting for him.