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    I have no idea why the Pats would sign this guy-he has stated many times he wants to only play QB -the only thing that makes sense is Fullback, because the guys got hands of stone so TE is out. And the media distraction? For the life of me I cant wrap my mind around bringing him in-sometimes I think you can outsmart yourself-BB--I predict he does NOT make the final 53.

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    Re: Tebow

    Do you have credible evidence that Tebow has hands of stone?

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    Re: Tebow

    he's got his work cut out for him just to make it on the team.

    Not sure it's worth keeping him as a 3rd QB. May be an interesting as a blocker for the running back, or as a FB for short yardage situation. And he is kind of short, too slow, unproven hands to be a TE.

    McD must've convinced BB that he has some kind of value to the team. IMO, McD shouldn't fall in luv w/ any player.

    I still don't get it.

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    Re: Tebow

    They need 3 QBs in training camp . . . Tebow stick until at least the 53 man cut!  If another teams QB goes down in pre-season do not be surprise if the Pats trade Mallett and make Tebow the backup for this season.