Great weekend for Drew Bledsoe

 '' I got to see an old friend and one of my favorite teammates this weekend: Drew Bledsoe. I was fortunate to be part of his Patriots Hall of Fame ceremonies on Saturday. The impact Bledsoe had on this organization can't be overstated. I believe his stamp on this franchise is still being felt today. When you walk into that facility, there is a sign on the door. One of the things it says is "put the team first." When it comes to the Patriots under Belichick, Bledsoe showed everyone what it meant to put the team first. His final year in New England, when Brady took over, the way that Bledsoe was unselfish and helped Brady start to become the quarterback he is now was the greatest example of a player putting the team first that I had ever seen. Drew moved on to Buffalo and Dallas, but I always remember the lesson he taught us on his way out of New England. Every time I walked in that door and saw that sign, I thought of Bledsoe and the example he set. ''

Congrats Drew on making the Patriots HOF. I think Tedy's little tribute sums up the mindset it takes to transform an also ran into a champion. Next year, Troy Brown will be a lock to be inducted.

IMO Bledsoe bridged the gap between old world Patriot and new age Patriot.

Thoughts on Bledsoe welcome.