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    Re: tedy-bruschi-tees-off-on-ochocinco/

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    In Response to tedy-bruschi-tees-off-on-ochocinco/ :      Bruschi is 1000% correct. It's time to grow up,'re not in Cincinnati anymore. Your in the big-time son, playing for a organization whose sole focus is to win a championship...not set records.      So, change your attitude. Excellence is both expected and demanded, in New England. Throw away the twitter, pick up your playbook, watch film, and put in the time to do whatever it takes to contribute.        Don't count too heavily on your friendship with BB. If you don't get with the program soon, you'll be gone. 
    Posted by TexasPat3

    Excellent  post.  Chad  Johnson  needs  to  stop  his  self-promotion/look  at  me  behavior  and  JUST  DO  YOUR  JOB.  Since  he's  come  over  to  the  PATS, he  hasn't  done  jack  to  get  all  this  attention.  I  agree, he  could  be  gone  by  week  6  if  he  doesn't  get  it  together.  However, with  all  his  talent  and  respect  for  the  game, I  expect  he  will  eventually  be  an  important  contributor  to  the  offense  at  some  point.
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    Re: tedy-bruschi-tees-off-on-ochocinco/

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    He cost TB the NFL record with that bonehead penalty in the 1st half....add those 40 yards to TB total and he has the NFL record for the ages.
    Posted by mattman1447

    This is like the 3rd time I heard this being said. This premise makes no sense. Just because a penatly caused a play to be called back doesnt mean he kept him from breaking the record.  Thats just people trying to pile on.

    Every play effects the next play, so what if Brady had been able to keep that 40 yard reception the rest of the game would be totally different than what we watched and the Welker play may not even happen, in fact, fat chance it would.

    One play is all it takes to change the dynamic of a game...and the fact is we still kept the drive going THRU the this statement makes no sense...Sorry, dont mean to be harsh and you probably just heard it on sports radio anyway and they have to talk about something...but that is just not true and dumb to think that.
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    Re: tedy-bruschi-tees-off-on-ochocinco/

    In Response to Re: tedy-bruschi-tees-off-on-ochocinco/:
    In Response to Re: tedy-bruschi-tees-off-on-ochocinco/ : You think Brady is talking behind Chad's back to Bruschi a guy who works for ESPN? Really?

    Would two friends share such sentiments "off the record"?  Absolutely.  I didn't say it happened though.  Bruschi still knows a great deal of the coaching staff and key players.  I'm merely saying that it is wacko to suggest he doesn't know what is going on in the locker room.  Granted, nobody knows as much as someone actually in the locker room.  Additionally, his access will diminish over time.  I assume it's still quite good right now though.

     No one said they aren't friends, professor. I am not just not stupid enough to think Brady is giving blow by blows to Bruschi, a former player.

    Who said he is giving blow by blows?  I sure didn't.  It wouldn't take anything more than someone saying they are frustrated with Ocho's uptake of the playbook.  That's not a blow by blow.  Let's not exaggerate here.

    Don't you see what is going on here?   NE can't win.

    I don't really subscribe to the "everyone is against us" theory.  Teams that win a lot do tend to collect haters.  I'll give you that though.

     When they set records and people get jealous or haters (95% of NFL viewers) see any praise directed at NE, ESPN and others use an angle to generate clicks on a webpage. It's so obvious. #85 beat VOntae Davis for a play at the 3 yard line to set up a TD. He was hauled down. We all saw it. This means he BEAT Vontae Davis. UNDRESSED HIM ON THE ROUTE. Undressed him. Embarrassed him in single coverage.  He made a nice catch later. His teammates, 3 of whom run easier mid/seam routes, an EASIER THROW FOR BRADY, were shredding Miami's D in single coverage. How many more throws does Brady need to make to a sideline option on a route when he has 2 or 3 guys open over the middle in space? Ochos doing what Moss wouldn't do. Be a decoy.  Success! Go look at Gaffney's stats at the end of 2006.

    I am not an Ocho hater.  I think he will do well if given enough time.  I will only say that he hasn't had enough time for anyone to hate on him, and he hasn't done enough for anyone to fall on his sword for him.  The jury is still out.  I am a bit wary that he hasn't looked a bit better, but it hasn't come close to hating on him.

    Furthermore, if you read the last part of my post, I interpret Bruschi's remarks as not saying Ocho won't cut it, but that he just needs to put a lid on it until he starts performing.  That's pretty fair. 

    Posted by RidingWithTheKing

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    Re: tedy-bruschi-tees-off-on-ochocinco/

    Slater dropped an easy catch (for an nfl wide out) down the left side line. No body's flawless. Brady forced the throw in there for no reason on the interception. People mess up all the time!
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    Re: tedy-bruschi-tees-off-on-ochocinco/

    I think it's too much by Bruschi just in simple human nature. A man who's obviously trying hard to fit into the new team and he rips his head off for a tweet and Rusty's right if he had said it in the locker room it would have been taken so differently. It's bad human nature by Bruschi in my opinion just acting the complete a sshole. How many targets did Ocho even get? If the balls not thrown his way he can't catch it and also you can't catch every single ball. What's more it's knit picking becuase they have to say something. No class shown from Bruschi to be perfectly honest!
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    Re: tedy-bruschi-tees-off-on-ochocinco/

    Can I just say as well, there's a difference between Bruschi the player and patriot and Bruschi the man! There are loads of bands I love and the people in the bands are people that I would never like. I'm not saying Bruschi is like this but just because you loved the way he played dosn't make him a great man in general. Since he's joined ESPN he's been awful frankly, i'd just like to say it'd be best for everyone to keep an open mind he's not a Patriot anymore he's a pundit. You may have loved his playing (music) but you don't have to love the man
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    Re: tedy-bruschi-tees-off-on-ochocinco/

    So what if tedy overreacted. The tweet crap is getting old.

    It's obvious from game 1, Ocho is not the answer to what the Patriots need. Untils we see production alot of will continue to doubt.

    Slater is the deep threat we need, because of his speed.

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    Re: tedy-bruschi-tees-off-on-ochocinco/

    I'm sure Tedy has a better understanding of perspective and the Patriot way than ANY of us on this thread! It's his job  to be objective and say what he thinks to be reality. We have no idea what it takes to play in the Pats system and be sucessful, but obviuosly Tedy does.I'll take his slant any day over anyone on this message board! In Response to Re: tedy-bruschi-tees-off-on-ochocinco/:
    In Response to Re: tedy-bruschi-tees-off-on-ochocinco/ : Lest we all forget, it took Bruschi more than 3 years to learn the system at linebacker, and with 3 full offseasons to boot. Ocho hasn't even had one offseason. Love you, Tedy, but get some perspective, dude.
    Posted by NY-PATS-FAN4

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    Re: tedy-bruschi-tees-off-on-ochocinco/

        Although I understand what Bruschi is saying,I believe he was wrong for doing it.I don't think any of us would question Tedy's allegiance to the Pats even now that he's retired.He's always going to be a Patriot at heart.His comments about Ocho's tweet are ill-advised though.Bruschi,while trying to help the Pats by "calling out" Ocho as a former leader in the Pats locker room,has in reality done the exact opposite by creating a controversy by doing it in public.This is something that should have been done in the privacy of the locker room.Especially with an individual like Ocho.
       There's no way,IMO,that we can sit here and say this controversy is something Belichick is happy about.It takes the focus off the task at hand which is next weekends game with the Chargers.That should tell you it was probably the wrong thing to do, no matter how well intentioned it was.
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    Re: tedy-bruschi-tees-off-on-ochocinco/

    Well....only one way Ocho cn respond to that........ Contribute like hell this weekend. I say 6 catches, 2 TDs....then get back on twitter and say something smart. either way, Tedy does have a point. We may not like how  he said it.
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    Re: tedy-bruschi-tees-off-on-ochocinco/

    All Ocho did was compliment Brady's performance.  What's the big deal?

    I think Bruschi was out of line.  I agree that Ocho has work to do be make the type on contribution he can make.  But complimenting Brady in no way prevents Ocho from doing the work.  One has nothing to do with the other.

    And the Pats had a great game.  Nothing that Ocho could have done would have improved on Brady's performance.

    Bruschi has caused the controversy - not Ocho.
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    Re: tedy-bruschi-tees-off-on-ochocinco/

    First and foremost, I'm a huge Pats fan. Secondly. I know the Pats are only one game into the season, therefore it really isn't fair to judge Chad Ochocinco or any other player after just one game as a Patriot. With that being said, when Teddi Bruschi speaks about anything or anybody that has something to do with the Patriots organization, I respect his insight, because as we all know Teddi is -- and always will be a New England Patriot.

    Just as Teddi Bruschi is/was everything a Patriot should be -- smart, selfless, opportunistic, hard-working, tough, clutch, etc, Chad Ochocinco is not. Teddi Bruschi knows what we are witnessing here, and it's called "Joey Galloway Part 2."

    Unlike Galloway, the Patriots have invested a lot more into Chad Ochocinco -- a draft pick, and a good amount of money, thus Ochocinco will not be cut during the season, but don't be surprised if Mathew Slater has more receptions than him when this season is over, and mark my words -- this is Chad Ochocinco's first and last season with the New England Patriots.
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    Re: tedy-bruschi-tees-off-on-ochocinco/

    Just remember, tweeting wasn't around when Tedy was young, It came along just after he was indoctrinated into the "Patriot Way". Chad, on the otherhand, pretty much grew up with it. And Texas Pat you are so way off line on your thinking in this there is no rebuttal possible.
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    Re: tedy-bruschi-tees-off-on-ochocinco/

    Not sure if this was mentioned but Tedy also ripped up Foster for his twitter mri pics and Chris Johnson for his "fake fans" tweet. I'm thinking Tedy is not the biggest supporter of professional football players talking about their respective teams through social networking. I think it really chafes his bottom.
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    Re: tedy-bruschi-tees-off-on-ochocinco/

    In Response to Re: tedy-bruschi-tees-off-on-ochocinco/:
    DaPrince, Poor analysis. Galloway is notoriously known as a deep threat/speedster type who never played in an offense like this and was coming off a foot problem at age 37. Meanwhile, #85 is widely known as a great route runner and someone who goes across the middle, willing to run all routes. As an aiside, I'll trust that #85 WANTS TO BE HERE BADLY while Galloway's career was basically over and clearly wasn't into it.  That's another plus for #85. The far, far better expectation and example is Jabbar Gaffney, a cast off from Houston, who came on board in mid 2006 and didn't do much at all at the beginning,  However, he did slowly progress where everyone watching that team saw a stable option developing as the season progressed. Joey Galloway had an entire OTA session, mini and full camp to develop a rapport with Brady. #85 just got here mover a month ago. It's a very poor comparison on that fact alone. We are seeing what Chad would have looked like in May. The question is, was Bruschi in Gaffney's face in November of 2006, following him around asking him if he was watching film and in his playbook?
    Posted by RidingWithTheKing

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    Re: tedy-bruschi-tees-off-on-ochocinco/

    It seems to me there are valid points on both side.  But you can't reasonably compare Ocho's situation to Gaffney's.  Ocho is a multi-year probowler getting a mountain of cash.  He SHOULD be held to a higher standard.  And yes, it was just one game in a lockout season . . . but the preseason didn't look any better.  And balancing that one catch was the costly penalty.  The verdict is till out, but so far, I'm leaning more to "miss" than "hit" for this decision.  We'll see.
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    Re: tedy-bruschi-tees-off-on-ochocinco/

    In Response to Re: tedy-bruschi-tees-off-on-ochocinco/:
    I love Tedy but he has no clue about going into a new setting and performing. How long has Ocho had a playbook, six weeks?
    Posted by rtuinila

    I like the accuracy and concision of this post.

    How many years did it take Tedy Bruschi -- who only played for one team his entire career -- to become the player we remember so fondly now?

    Lighten up, Francis.

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