Ten Observations on Patriots @.Bucs

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    Re: Ten Observations on Patriots @.Bucs

    In Response to Re: Ten Observations on Patriots @.Bucs:
    In Response to Re: Ten Observations on Patriots @.Bucs :      Again...how many football players are pint sized, like Woodhead? Sorry...I'm not buying it. It was a dumb move...and now, Woodhead sits with a possible concussion. 
    Posted by TexasPat3

    You should hurry up and apply for BB's job before he gets the whole team injured with his "dumb moves"! 

    Maybe you could put Woodhead on the sideline in an Easter bonnet!

    Seriously . . . BB is trying to find out how many RBs to keep.  Last year, one of the things Sammy Morris did was provide reliable coverage on punts.  Woodhead seems to have that skill too.  But BB needs to be sure he can rely on Woodhead (or someone else) to perform Morris's punt-coverage role before he decides to cut Morris.  These decisions BB makes aren't just random "dumb" moves.  They're part of him trying to determine who can be depended on to do what at various times during the game.  It's how you figure out how to put together the best, most versatile roster.  Yeah, there's risk of people getting hurt.  But that's just football.  

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    Re: Ten Observations on Patriots @.Bucs

    I get the whole if you're a player you need to be ready to play. The problem I have is Danny is obviously an important part of this offense and in no possible way being evaluated to see if he will make the team. There is however many other players here right now who are. They're carrying 88-90 players?????

    Doesn't it make sense that they'd want to evaluate talent that that don't know about?

    If this is during the season I get it........but not in the 4th qtr of the 2nd pre-season game despite the score.

    Just MO