Terrell Suggs or Peppers?

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    Terrell Suggs or Peppers?

    Both guys are unhappy about their contract situations but I rather make a play at Suggs.  He's 26 just entering his prime and can play DE as well as has had experience dropping back into coverage.

    This guys is a beast, not big enough to replace RS.  Would command a nice contract but less than Peppers.  He's more looking at a long term contract at market value rather than asking to be the highest paid player like Peppers is.
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    Re: Terrell Suggs or Peppers?

    Well ... Suggs is a very long shot. Peppers is impossible. Suggs is a fit. Peppers isn't.
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    Re: Terrell Suggs or Peppers?

    Even though I see no chance of either coming to foxboro, I would go for Suggs. 
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    Re: Terrell Suggs or Peppers?

    Something need to be done.  There is only one Quality OLB on the current roster and he played in only 9 games last year. 
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    Re: Terrell Suggs or Peppers?

    Neither will be here. But Suggs is a no-brainer over Peppers.

    Peppers can rush the passer, but is a huge "?" as to whether he could play OLB.

    Suggs can do it all. He is the prototypical 3-4 OLB for this defense from a skills perspective.

    And yes, the age factor looms very, very large, 26 and healthy versus 29 and spotty health record.

    While I think the Panthers are going to be forced to deal Peppers evetually, I less sure that the Ravens are going to let Suggs walk, and from what I understand there hasn't been the kind of friction to make us believe that Suggs is trying to shoot his way out of Baltimore.

    From what I remember he wants what Dwight Freeney gets, $72/6yrs.

    I am not sure NE has the kind of flexibility to clear the space for that kind of salary at this point. There are limits to how creative you can actually get. And I am not sure I would want NE to pay $12million per for an OLB, that is defensive end money, and Suggs' agent has him convinced that because he plays down on some sub-packages he should be paid like an end.

    I would rather that money go to maintaining the three down lineman, and then find an OLB who is a little more cost-effective, or is willing to be paid as an OLB.

    Harrison just got $8.5 million per, so even though I think Suggs is the best OLB out there from a total skills perspective, I can't see why he is worth 50% more than Harrison, who is a great player. 

    I think if Suggs does shoot his way out, he is in for a slap of reality in the face. When the only suitors are 3-4 teams, his demands will be forced down somewhat.