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    Don't quit your day job. Just keep pretending the jets disaster is a great cap situation.  Bawahah

    Exposed again.  Another well respected gm supports me, not you, and you still thinkthere is no cap.


    Christ, 30 minutes ago, Polian just said "the cap is designed to make it tough on good organizations."   Not to Hurlie!




    Three intersting things here in your post...


    1. You just praised Bill Polian (how does that feel?)

    2.You just said..."Another well respected gm supports me". Uhm, yeah. Ahh, uhm, well you see there is no GMs reading this thread or agreeing with you, yeah hate to break that to you, little buddy. In fact if they could read it they would LOL at you all day long at your assessments of Tom Brady and Alex Smith. Also I'm sure they would get a real kick when you said you'd trade Brady after the Cardinal's game when he threw that pick. LOL!!

    3. You mentioned the Jets...again. Asside from rkarp schooling you on the salary cap, no one has said the Jets have a "great cap situatuion". In fact all I've mentioned about the NFL salary cap is that it is fluid (which is fact) and that when a team that has a great QB who's window is closing it would be a good idea to spend to the cap and even mortgage just a tiny bit of your future for the chance to take advantage of the window that is closing. That's it -well I also point out the fact that there are boat loads of teams that have signed expensive free agents (used them), then cut them when they were through with them. And it didn't hurt.

    But you keep up the good work, Lombardi is watching...nudge nudge, wink wink:)


    Let me please clarify. Yes, I did school Rusty on the issue. However I never said it was a great situation. I simply said it was not "salary cap hell", and by the time Free Agent signing period started they would be $20-$30 million under.


    While it gives me great joy to school Rusty over and over, I in no way want any of the teams in the division to improve. I simply wish to point out he facts.

    I am also wondering about the Pats having an easy in division situation, playing 6-0 in division, but struggling against any out of division playoff team, and of course playing poorly in the playoffs. Yes, the Jints were lucky to win. Yes, Brady did not have his best game. But lets face it, they were lucky to beat the Ravens that year, and most likely shouldn't have been in the SB

    Well, although rusty doesn't do a good job in all this salary cap stuff, he does do a great job making it look like you praise the jets. 

    It's too bad really because here you are presenting facts (something rusty wants everyone to do when he starts losing arguments) and then when you did (in darn good fashion) he turns around and calls you a jet fan...saying you praise and support them. Honestly I don't know who you are as a poster, so I just started to assume you were a jet fan based off what I was reading from rusty over the last few days. Glad you cleared that up.

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    Re: Test - Dimitrioff

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    Ridley and vereen look good and for years to come.  Shonn green is a free agent and has never even seen a home playoff game or sb. He is also a free agent and gone.  Nice draft pick!  Lmao

    My source is mike reiss.  Brady will just "restructure over a weekend". Lol


    Bwa ha ah ahahahaha - 'has never seen a home playoff game'  - what an idiot you are. 


    More deflection, Queenie.  Tell me again how second round pick Vereen  looks "good for years to come" while 4th round pick Powell is a bust with twice as many yards.  

    Hey rememeber when you said Brady's cap hit was going down next year?  That was awsome!


    Yes, he'll just "restructure" over a weekend.  Remember when you said that the last 3 years for the jets and now rkarp also says that?  Bawahaha



    Did you just compare powell to vereen?   wake us when powell runs by our lbs and safeties for an 80 yd td run.


    Wow!  All those runs by LBs and safeties, yet he only averaged 4 ypc, but half as many yards as Powell?  Is this the "more is less" theory that you have been famous for?  Giving up more passing yards is actually better than giving up less passing yards, now running for less yards is better than running for more yards?  


    You can't make this stuff up.  Have you always been the village idiot?

    And who will "just "restructure" over a weekend."?  Are you just making things up again?

    remember ur arguing phat with a man who says-and i quote-ryan mallett is more valuable than rg3

    scary place is rusty's head...