Hey, I won't pretend to understand every move you make, some less so than others - Underwood being let go the day before the Big Game?? Ocho not in at the end when we needed some speed and another pair of safe hands?? But even I understand enough to know that this team is blessed with an awesome brain trust. That move of letting them score a touchdown to buy 30+ more seconds for TB was amazing! I will never forget Bradshaw's expression as he was being congratulated by his team-mates - he looked like his brain was hurting from indecision. I also understand what it means to over-achieve with a team that's $20M+ UNDER its salary cap in an era of free agency or to be a fan of a team that has an awesome array of picks in the next few drafts. All that says to me that the best days of this team lie ahead in the future. So as I get out of bed from a sleepless night of thinking about Welker's dropped pass, I did not want my misery to overcome my judgment - so thanks, Bill, for another amazing season of Patriots football. Hope you are back for another decade.