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***Thanks Again To All My Draft Junkie Brothers!***

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    Re: ***Thanks Again To All My Draft Junkie Brothers!***

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    i agree re: nassib...i didn't see that coming and not really sure why they picked a qb in 4th rd and why threy picked him


    Haven't ya heard, when the Giants miss the playoffs again this year Caughlin is gone.  He will end up taking Eli with him to the team who hires him.


    actually i haven't heard that

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    Re: ***Thanks Again To All My Draft Junkie Brothers!***

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    For another successful draft thread season... I can't wait to get back after it in the Fall!!!!!!!

    Thanks MB for all your diligent work on so many guys and your insight--you definitly know your College game and players-keep doing it year and year it's appreciated.

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    Re: ***Thanks Again To All My Draft Junkie Brothers!***

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    First time anyone has called me a junkie!! MB,Tcal2,TB12,Patslifer,Mia,PatsChampSB,Mthurl,Bredbru,and Noise and for anyone I didn't mention this thread was fun!! MB next one will be even more ridiculous... I only got two picks out of 7 right but I did have them trading out and I did have the right first position pick correct. I had Logan Ryan right but I'll be damned if I thought the rest of the Scarlett Knights would be joining him.


    hey sports excellent post, who was the other player you got?


    isnt ryan a bit slow. i keep reading he needs to play cover 2 (cant play press man-what we've moved to that improved our defense greatly till injury) and may need to move to fs due to his speed. 4.56. 

    you picked ourside lb for our first pick? what was your theory as to why?

    will look for your reply



    (i had one player dobson and all the positions but also thought we could add o line)

    The other kid I had right was Boyce (I had Moe also but only after MB convinced me) but they took him way earlier than I thought as I thought he might slip to the 7th round,big surprise! 102nd pick. more surprising was the addition of 3/4ths of the Scarlett Knights secondary!!! They could theoretically start an entire SK's secondary!!! If they decide to run the ball this year L.Blount might actually revert to his former self,he's going to get a chance because he's a bruising RB a throwback...You asked how i knew we would go OLB/DE it was simply that I watched our LB's get beaten badly in the championship game because noone could slow down the underneath stuff!! Even though Fletcher is a cover guy he's not the complete package. So there you have my theory! What made BB make the move may be completely different. I'm sure he's looked at that game to see how the Ravens won the game and it shows throughout his draft and UDFA signings he's bringing in size to the WR position and Defensive backfield,and he took the most gifted OLB in the draft watch Collins combine stuff he nailed it. 41 vertical you gotta be kidding me! 11.1Broad jump!!! F'n world class jumping ability...