Thanks for another great year Pats!

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    Re: Thanks for another great year Pats!

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    Thanks for another great year Pats! Lousy ending but you have spoiled all of us fans! The negative threads here are ridiculous! Go 49ers!


    u sound like a pansy a** liberal...ur whats wrong with america


     :  )


    My man Q is no liberal. He is a loyal Pats fan that has balance in his life and does not live or dye with a game he never gets to play in. 



    it was tongue in cheek Hub and only for quacky


    and I am a proud progressive - now thats all for th it was only for quacky


    Ah yes, A proud Progessive!!! In 1948 Henry Wallace was the nominee of the Progressive Party.[The splintered radical wing of the Democratic Party]. Wallace proposed turning America's atomic weapons over to the U.N.; a massive reconstruction program for the Soviet Union financed by U.S. taxes;nationalizing the country's coal mines and railroads; and he blamed American policy for most of the worlds troubles.The modern day Progressives [Democrats] propose to raise taxes,nationalize health care; blame the U.S for all the world's troubles [Obama] and allow the U.N to determine much of U.S policy. As Yogi Berra said it is deja vu all over again.



    ah yes as opposed to conservatives who try to remove democratically elected presidents in a democracy using paid witnesses and illegal wire taps and millions of taxpayer dollars (clinton)...when that fails they steal an election (gwb) in a democracy to put a far right agenda in place which includes the usual conservative staples of war, corporate malfeasance and bible-based religious addition to this their ultimate aim is to privatize every good and service including health and education and yes indeed prisons and then maximize profit in same for stockholders to the complete disregard to the good of any citizens except those able to afford said goods and services, all the while gutting/defunding any and all government social or economic program up to and including social security...oh yes and on top of all this they will continue to find billionsfor the wars they start to bomb arabs and other dark-skinned peoples for israel and profit while couching it in democracy for the imbeciles


    it's deja vu all over again


    You have loser written all over you because you obviously a racist and bigot. Israel needs to find a new Moses because you,Obama, Kerry and Hagel will sell them into bondage!!!


    Another brilliant mind, I see....!

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    Re: Thanks for another great year Pats!

    It was a fun year.  We all forget that there are 31(?) other franchises out there looking to build a good football program too.  If you're clamoring that the Pats suck then I feel bad that you can't enjoy this Pats run of success for what it is.  It won't be here forever.  How many franchises would be thrilled just to make the playoffs? 

    Rick Pitino had some of you pegged, some of you would be upset if the Pats won the Superbowl but by only a touchdown!   

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