Thanks for the memories......

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    Thanks for the memories......

    In case you haven't noticed the Patriots dynasty era is clearly over.  Please go out and get me some David Givens, Troy Brown type guys to play WR if there are any out there.  Hell, I'll even take a Jabbar Gafney.  If it's not too much to ask I'd also like to order up another Will McGinest to make a play when the Patriots need it most.  The Patriots seem to have problems from the top down.  Every decision BB has made this year has not gone well.  Belichik is still a great coach but man has it been a tough year. 

    I didn't think the Patriots were going too far in the playoffs this year but this loss is extremely disappointing seeing the lack of preparation and intensity at the beginning of the game.  They are going to have to figure out who the leaders are on this team, especially on defense, and ride these guys to success.  Let me be clear, I don't think the defense was the problem this year.  I think the second half ineptitude of the offense many times left the defense exposed to failure. The Brady magic seems like it may have come and gone (think about the last Brady led comeback, the Buffalo opener aside) and you'll realize that it was 2007 and it wasn't the SB vs. the Giants.  

    Saying goodbye to an era that you look back fondly at is tough but we have to admit it, it's time.  Thanks for the memories.  A great run to be sure.  I look forward to the next one.  The one that hopefully begins the first week of September 2010.
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    Re: Thanks for the memories......

    Another Tedy Bruschi type wouldn't hurt either.