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    Re: Thanks

    In response to BabeParilli's comment:

    Yes, thanks Tom and Coach Bill, for getting far with so little, again. But I don't want to go to the SB unless we win it.

    yes. been saying this for a while now... another SB loss would 1) hurt BB and TB legacies even more. Montana was knocked out of like 6 (idk if its right) or so playoffs but since he never lost a big he's the man..

    and 2) i don't think I could take another SB defeat... it just hurts too much. 2012's elimination was nothing compared to 2011's defeat...

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    Re: Thanks

    Yeah, not good weather for sitting outside . . . but it will be fun nonetheless

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    Re: Thanks

    In response to prolate0spheroid's comment:

    Yeah, not good weather for sitting outside . . . but it will be fun nonetheless

    Try to stay dry and warm. Hopefully on Sunday we will be discussing the pros & cons of playing Denver or San Diego.


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    Re: Thanks

    It all adds up. The clues on and off the field this year were there and it took us awhile to even notice. The strain with all the diversity was met with brilliance led by BB and it rubbed off to the players and coaches.

    Who really saw this coming?

    The YouTube video, Joe put up, The Threads posted about Edelman and Vareen and what they had to say. The mid season quote from Blount "this place is different from other Teams". Vince pleading to BB about needing to travel with the Team. The 'no give up, attitude' from the players, the next man up. Even Willie Mac, trying to suttely remind his audience that the Pats play one week at a time. It all adds up.

    The discipline and positive psychological control that Bill has inspired to the players to not talk down an opponent, etc. Ridley never dropped that ball on the sidelines. When Bill actually hugged TB after 2 miracle wins. We could see something special when BB saw something in Players like Mulligan (Jets castoff), Develin, Blount, I remember some comments when Bill traded for him? What was BB to do, so he goes after Soapao, then he hits on Saliga. When a coach puts together a Team with players that others consider just Jags' (next man up) and this Team is this close to a SB win? That's brilliance! Exciting year. I shutter when I think about when the Lombardi is raised again especially  after a year like this. That's when the fun begins, there is no better revenge to your detractors than a smile ...Smile Let's hope and keep it going.

    It all add up. Thanks for the post.

    Special thanks to the great posters here (running game threads), even though, there's a shade of difference, that's still fine and interesting reading. Your FB brilliance can't be denied either way because you care about the Pats.