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    You'll lose to the Hawks and Chargers, but in the NFC East...8-8 is overachieving.

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    LMAO not at you at the fact,but I was the same way with the Pats in the 80s early 90s so can understand as a fan where you come from.

    Is that a picture of you?  Wow!

    why thank you! but no it's Bill Parcells

    Sorry its not me her name is ashley hubert.Good luck on your quest for 10 wins ,I will enjoy Pats sucess well its still here.At one time Us Pats fans will be where you are and then remember the good days of winning.

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    Jints Fan

    I might live in NY but I am purely an NE fan.  However I will tell you I respect the Giants, their ownership, their head coach and the gritty way they hung in there and came up with 2 championships in the last 5 years. Can they do it this year? If anything is possible, the Giants have proved they can do it. 

    FYI: I have met Coughlin when he was head coach at BC in the early 90's through Pete Carmichael, Sr who was the WR's coach at BC. I was good friends with Pete Jr. who is now offensive coordinator with the Saints and was a BC student and member of the BC baseball team. Pete Jr. also helped manage a building I owned in Brookline, MA and we had daily contact and talked B-ball and football all the time over a 2 year period. Carmichael Jr. was one of the most most honest, humble, down to earth, loyal and hard working individuals I have ever met. And, he was a strong hitter who blasted several balls over the Green Monster and on to Landsdowne Street during the beanpot tournament against Harvard, BU and Northeastern!

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    you can beat the Packers w/o Rodgers, the Saints showed the way to crush the boys, you'll split with the skins, lose to the hawks, chargers and Lions.

    drop the daddy crap and talk football......maybe I'll go to the St. Louis Cardinal board and say crap about my Sox winning against them twice

    ok your team won move on