The 2 TE set?

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    The 2 TE set?

    Anyone else think the Pats offense and Brady has become way to comfortable with the 2 TE set? It's been noted they run it almost twice as much as any other team and still are very very effective in it, even though the defense knows it's coming.

    In the AZ game you could see the Pats were heavily invested in the 2 TE set. Once Hern went down it was as if the offense couldn't get into a groove because they were lost. We focused heavily on the WR's,Lloyd specifically, and Gronk was mainly used as a blocker and didn't see many passes until later in the game.

    It got so bad that even McD did things that were out of the ordinary for the Pats. We didn't really abandon the run as much as we abandoned using the proper running back. Using woodhead was just idiotic in the 2nd half. It's one thing when your Rb is having an off day, its nother when you go away from him despite putting up decent numbers in the first half.

    Then there is the end of the game, we had about 40-50 seconds left. Sure Gronk had a costly penalty that backed us up, but we still had time to go after the TD or make it a closer FG attempt. I have never seen BB or the Pats go so soft like that in years. I was surprised and believe it was the fact there was so much confusion, despite the offense finally clicking at the end, from not having our usual 2 TE set we went soft for the FG at the end.

    So what do you guys think? Are we too reliant on the 2 TE set that specifically involves Hern and Gronk? What do we do going forward with Hern injured, use the 2 TE set still, go 3 WR set more, use some fullbacks? I am not too worried right now, but in the next 2-3 weeks we need to show some signs this offense can handle drastic changes in the make up of this personel. If we show up and put up good numbers against Balt, I will feel much better moving forward and waiting for Hern to fully heal.

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    Re: The 2 TE set?

    yeah, there are 2 TE power formations.....but, we're also talking about 2 all pros playing in it.

    With Hernandez gone for an indeterminate time, it's like a peanut butta jelly time without the peanut butta.

    The Patriots are gonna have to rethink how they want the offense to operate in the absence of Hernandez.