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The "NY has a good defense" myth

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    The "NY has a good defense" myth

    Total Defense (yards): Pats 31; NY 27

    Passing Defense: Parts 31; NY 29

    Rush Defense: Pats 17; NY 19

    Red Zone: Pats 17; NY 19

    Points (as if they matter): Pats 15; NY...25

    Since when has this Giants team had a formidable defense? They faced a Green Bay team that beat themselves and a San-Fran team with one of the worst, most predictable offenses in the league.
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    Re: The supposed defensive mismatch

    Other than their D-line (and especially their pass rush), which is very good, the Giants D is fairly pedestrian.  Their LBs and DBs are pretty average overall.  If the Pats can control their pass rush, I think the Pats will score 30 points or more on them.  If the Pats fail to control the rush, though, it could be rough sledding on Sunday night.

    On the Pats side, I think the D line is key as well.  Wilfork and Anderson are both going to have to have big games, I think. The Pats need to stop the run up front and also keep Eli in the pocket and pressure him to throw fast. The Pats LBs and DBs are not great in pass coverage, so if Eli gets time, we are likely to see a lot of long drives by the Giants' offense.  If we can get pressure on Eli, though, I think the Giants' passing game can be kept in check.  

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    Re: The "NY has a good defense" myth

    This is the super bowl. Throw away the regular season stats. Both defenses have been playing better lately. I think it's going to be a real slugfest. Whoever is left standing will win.