The AT Wrapup

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    Re: The AD Wrapup

    Let them. It's just another cancer in their locker room, and an overrated one at that.

    Now, if only they signed you to their cheerleading squad...
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    Re: The AD Wrapup

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    So, you sign a guy to a big contract, he has a great first year, the team gets older, no youth help on the way to bridge the gap, other LBs retire/traded/cut and it's all AD's fault he didn't live up to his contract after breaking his arm.  Sound about right? I think the Jets may be in the market for a hybrid OLB/ILB/DE.  Think AD may want to join the number one D?  C'mon, who wouldn't? No final 4 restrictions on cut players, only UFAs. 
    Posted by bjesuss

     I am hoping so.
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    Re: The AD Wrapup

    Explain to me why this guy gets a pass for being a cancer in the lockeroom. To a guy who is saying he isnt a yes person. Thats not what this teams about its about doing your job and he doesnt want to do it.

    Guys left, retired, got cut, and he was suppose to do his job. The Pats asked something of him and he took it as him being a bad player and not being a core player. What a joke.

    Happy this bum is gone. You dont miss 25% of your solo tackles when you are playing well. Please this guy is a bum.
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    Re: The AD Wrapup

    He's a complainer, you can bet that if his complaints were heard by people with microphones who only see him 30 minutes a week for 4 months that the guys who worked with him everyday heard his mouth.  Complaining about your position, your coach, your job.  He did the same thing in Baltimore, stars set an example, get everyone on the same page as the coach and make plays.  AD was nothing more than a great athlete with mediocre football instincts who happened to be lucky enough to have Suggs on the other side to draw blockers so he had 3 good years.  Before that he had 4 mediocre years.  He was BB biggest mistake, good riddance.

    Please take him Jets, keep dismantling your perfectly good defense and picking up below average guys to fill slots.
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    Re: The AD Wrapup

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    So, if he goes to another team that uses his strengths and he does well, does that mean he is no longer a cancer and that it wasn't his fault?  There are three sides to every story.  I suspect he will be a good fit on a team with some decent players around him.
    Posted by bjesuss

    It's fair to say that he probably wasn't used in the right role in NE.  It's also fair to say that BB really despises players complaining to the media; under any circumstances.  Thomas allowed himself to be baited by the media into spilling his guts.  BB practices what he preaches.  I can't think of a single player he has ever blasted publicly.  He's very respectful of his players; past or present.

    As for the Jets, do not deny that they are assuming some risk this year that their chemistry can fall apart with the players they are accruing.  It may work for them, but it could also blow up in their face.  We only need to look around in our own job experiences to know that it only takes one or two negative co-workers to effect the entire team.  I guess all will be answered in the season.

    For the record, I do believe Thomas will have a bigger impact if used in a different role on another team.  That said, adios AD.
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    Re: The AT Wrapup

    cunningham. cunningham. cunningham. trust me.