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The Babe Parilli Watch

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    Re: The Babe Parilli Watch

    In response to Bunker Spreckels' comment:

    How is this for BS?  BS to you is a set of facts that actually put more accountability on your boyfriend:

    "The Patriots are third in the NFL with 16 takeaways this season and first in the league with 50 takeaways since the start of 2011. New England’s 16 takeaways are their most through 6 games since 1997 (also 16)."

    Hmm. I believe Bledsoe wasn't so good in 1997 and his personnel wasn't remotely near what Brady has, with Goodell catering to offenses to sell this league and drive revenue. Gee, Brady and this offense sure gets extra drives to win games, don't they? Hmm. 58 passes? That sure seems like an awful of snaps. Hmm.

    Brady gets on average 2 turnovers per game which is two more drives he's not used to having as compared to almost every other QB in this league, and you still act like what the D does in stopping the run, giving the offense numerous chances to ice games, etc, is irrelevant.

    You're sick.

    Brady gets 2 more drives as apposed to any other Qb in the Leage because of TO's ?  Liar!

    I guess manning didn't just get 6 with 2 of them for pic 6's.

    Do you know turn overs are common? 

    Again, how many points does Brady have to be ahead late in the 4th to ice the game?????

    21, 28, 35, 42, 49?  Do you know there are defenses that only allow, 13 or 14 points a game on average as apposed to 24?   We just played one, in case you're not sure.   They call those good D's.  The ones that score 30+ are called good O's.  Why must I keep reminding you of this?

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    Re: The Babe Parilli Watch

    In response to Bunker Spreckels' comment:

    In response to mthurl's comment:

    In response to Bunker Spreckels' comment:

    In response to redsoxfan94's comment:

    In response to JintsFan's comment:

    In response to Bunker Spreckels' comment:

    In response to patsbandwagonsince76's comment:

    Babe could be 1966 after he got on antidepressants,  and Bunker you are definately Rusty.

    RIght. I never try to hide.  Never have, never will. I get banned because some people here have a B line to the mods and then start threads announcing I've been banned.  They're like little girls on the playground.

    The irony is, they can't accept that many are right, including me, so to save further confrontation and admitting they're wrong, they run to the mods.


    no they run to the mods to get u banned b/c ur a real ***hole  :  )

    i really dont see the point of getting anyone banned when they can just make a new account and keep posting...and i understand why people dislike rusty, but i think he is a very intelligent person and fan and isnt afraid to express his opinion even if its an uncommon opinion....i respect that....this forum would be pointless if we all agreed on every topic.

    Thanks for being mature, intelligent and honest. A rarity around here.  The one who dislike can't concede they lost a debate, get embarrassed and then follow me around after that.

    We know trolls do it after I throttle them, but our irrationals do it it too. Look at RKarp asking where I was because I was on the road again this week.

    He's still embarrassed he praised Sanchez early last year not knowing Sanchez always starts well in a season, only to fold like a cheap suit because he's a bust. I called him out on it and he still hasn't recovered.

    It's people like that who are the ones to dislike. They play contrarian like Felger, Mazz and Gasper and then won't face the music when they get exposed.


    WE all follow you around Rusty because you're so bright and right about so many things!!

    Here's a few of my favorites..

    Merriweather is the second best safety in the AFC

    Chung is basically as good as Troy Palumalu

    Markell Carter is going to be really something

    Ocho didn't work out here because of Brady

    McCourty is as good as Derrel Revis

    If we only gave the ball to Ben Jarvus Green Ellis more we would of won the Super Bowl

    The impending doom that is the uncertainty of the NFL lockout will leave teams scrambling/cutting players left and right to get under the salary cap and then we will just swoop in and sign all these players that teams "over paid foolishly for". Never happened.

    Clay Mathews is overrrated and we should be glad we didn't get him because now we have Cunningham at half the price!!

    Patrick Chung single handidly shut down Antonio Gates

    We stole Shaun Ellis from the Jets!! 

    We will never run the 43 are stupid!

    Matt Cassell is wicked good and Scott Pioli is too!

    Brady is spoiled and dictates how this offense runs

    We should trade Brady and start the Mallett dynasty

    I could go on  -and would - if I didn't have to take my kid to the Halloween dance at his school...

    There isn't one person who believes I stated any of those things. I am not going to bother to even pick those lies apart, because anyone who reads anythign from you and Phat Rex, knows you twist the words around as an attempt to deflect from your own embarrassment.

    Hasn't worked then, won't work now. Once a liar, always a liar Hurloe.  What yoy didn't lie about was being a Home Ec teacher. lol!

    And boy, woudn't we be embarrassed if we had the profession you do as a Home Economics teacher.

    You still haven't denied that, which means it's true.  Home Economics. Unreal. A male Home Ec teacher thinking he can have some sort of edge over a person with an IQ 100 points than his.  Absolutely priceless.

    If I ended up a Home Ec teacher, I'd kill myself, so I give you credit for sticking it out, Hurlie. LOL

    You do kind of make me laugh about the home economics thing, but the funniest part is if you look at my list, you did in fact say all of that in one shape or form. Yup..yah did. Ewww, that's got to be embarrassing. No?

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    Re: The Babe Parilli Watch

    In response to Bunker Spreckels' comment:

    I'll fully admit I botched that Cassel and Chiefs thing this year. I thought with Daboll in there they'd channel a lot of the Weis stuff from 2010 and it just hasn't worked out. I also picked KC to win that division. I was very off on those two predictions and I'm actually shocked with how bad they are. Tons of talent there. 

    Cassel sucks. He could not make the playoffs on a team with two potential HOF receivers and a top ten defense. He is literally the worst starting QB in the NFL this year based on passer rating. The fact the Patriots got a second round pick for him was one of BB's finest GM moments.

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    Re: The Babe Parilli Watch

    In response to Bunker Spreckels' comment:

    No, no, no.  For any QB who hadn't played in consecutive games in a decade in this game is impressive. The schedule argument is dumb as proven this year. Entering this year, NE had the easiest schedule in the league, but is it?  Schedule strength doesn't apply in the cap era. This year proves that.

    LOL!  Babe exposed again and shown up by someone half his age and clearly more intelligent.

    Cassel has done more in this league than the guy who beat him out at USC.

    I still can't believe you just walked into that schedule strength wall again in the cap era. Cannot make it up. Can't. Cannot do it.

    You'll never learn.  Nor will your buddies. You're pink hats. That's why.

    Cassel has done more than Leinart that is definitely true, but what does it prove?

    He is average at best NFL QB. Getting a second round pick for him was a great move by BB. The Chiefs are stuck paying him cap money for another three seasons yet and will certainly regret that.

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    Re: The Babe Parilli Watch

    since 2009, with a one score lead and 5 minutes or less left, brady has a 15 total QBR and a 46% completion percentage.....our qb has been worse than mark sanchez in the clutch since 2009....damn.

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    Re: The Babe Parilli Watch

    In response to Bunker Spreckels' comment:

    Ok, I'll address each of these:


    Merriweather is the second best safety in the AFC - Never said this. I said "someone" thinks he is because he's been chosen two years in a row as a back up/reserve at FS.  I have no idea where this came from other than another troll framing it as such and then a troll like you running with it.  I always said I didn't like his high tackling, low IQ and bad angles. 

    Chung is basically as good as Troy Palumalu - Never said this. Ever. I said each is a SS and Chung isn't a cover guy so don't expect him to be one. BB expects his Safeties to play both a FS and a SS, while Pitt uses Polamalu as a SS near the line, almost exclusively.  Polamalu is actually more reckless than Chung. LeBeau uses his Safeties differently than BB but I never said a word about comparing either player.

    Markell Carter is going to be really something - No idea what this even means. I don't think I made 2 posts regarding a project PS pick. UNreal. You're so desperate to lie, you make things up.

    Ocho didn't work out here because of Brady - Never said that either.  I said I wished they used OCho more like they used Moss which was running more basic routes and just letting each's physical ability be the thing.  They chose not to do it while still passing way too much anyway last year, even in the SB with an obvious loss. Brady threw 46 times to try to do it all himself, so really, no one is good enough for Brady unless elite. Ocho wasn't at all Moss, but Ocho was a scapegoat to deflect against Brady's average year last year. Gronk breaks a record, Welker is Welker, Hernandez is better than 2010 and you expect Ocho to get reps and produce? Just how many passes does Brsdy need to average to make Ocho a vaued option here?  LMAO. I do stand by the idea that if he was used in the SB with BJGE, we win.

    McCourty is as good as Derrel Revis - Never said this. Another lie. I said McCourty's rookie year blew away Revis's. It did.  It was also superior to Ty Law's 1995 year.  Revis only somehow became this defacto greatest CB due to NY promotion and Rex Ryan's presence as coach in NY. Revis great, he's just not this defacto HOF Deion Sanders CB. It's embarrassing watching a selfish Revis get a big head, hold out be average in 2010 and now be hurt again but he's somehow the best. LMAO

    If we only gave the ball to Ben Jarvus Green Ellis more we would of won the Super Bowl _ This is without question what I said and I stand behind it. It's no different than the team seeing him run for 8 carries and 50 yards in the AFC title game, him be benched, and then Brady almost lose the game for us. Why you don't use effective, smart players to help you win as I watch Brady throw games away, I have no idea.

    The impending doom that is the uncertainty of the NFL lockout will leave teams scrambling/cutting players left and right to get under the salary cap and then we will just swoop in and sign all these players that teams "over paid foolishly for". Never happened.

    - Actually it did happen as it does every year.  Many older players, some who had nice value such as Brian Waters, Andre Carter and Mark Anderson all helped us reach the DB last year. It's fascinting to me watching Hurlie lie and then make a fool of himself so easily. It's shame Carter got hurt late in the year. If not, he's a big difference and we coast to a SB.

    Clay Mathews is overrrated and e should be glad we didn't get him because now we have Cunningham at half the price!! - Never said this. I said I liked having more picks, including Gronk, instead of panicking and pretending one player, a one trick pony like Clay Matthews who has no interest in Run D, is a better approach.

    Patrick Chung single handidly shut down Antonio Gates - No idea where this comes from. I do like Chung and I do like when he helps the D win games. He's clearly important to how the D operates. As is Spikes. Huge pieces down the middle.  VItal, really. This was proven last year when each went down and again on Sunday when the back end suffered, late. My only complaint with him is durability.

    We stole Shaun Ellis from the Jets!!  - Again, never did I use the word "stole". You're a liar. Any veteran depth added after the lockout was a fantastic job by BB. See above with the Carter, Anderson and Waters signings.  He had a budget to use on FA moves because of how incredible his personnel management has been in the last fw years. Just because Ellis didn't do anything of substance, didn't mean the logic wasn't a plus for the team. Not every draft pick or signing will be 100! fantastic.  You're childish brain is embarrassing for you. I can see why you make 50 K a year making cupcakes at age 50. LOSER

    We will never run the 43 are stupid! - Never said this. I said just because BB is going to a 4-3 base doesn't mean he will eliminate the 3-4. I was right again. He hasn't. You;re a liar. My god are you sick. I can't believe you're allowed inside a school, to be honest. Do you touch little boys, too, Hurlie? I can see why you're ashamed to tell us what it is you teach if it isn't Home Economics.

    Matt Cassell is wicked good and Scott Pioli is too! - Cassel was fantastic in 2010 with Weis. This year, he's been bad and so has the entire team. Frankly, the talent they have, I am shocked and take responisibility there. I still think they have nice talent.

    Brady is spoiled and dictates how this offense runs - Yes.  This is true.  He's been spoiled and does have a lot of autonomy just like Brees, Rodgers and Peyton Manning, amongst possibly others. I don't like how he prefers the shotgun and then we lose agaisnt good Ds. I am a Pats fan not some dorky bald loser who wants to have sex with the guy.

    We should trade Brady and start the Mallett dynasty - Never said this. I said if Brady has a bad year, it's something to consider loading up on 2 1st rd picks and moving on.  I said IF and TO CONSIDER if he has a bad year. I didn't say it's a definite if he has a bad year.

    You're the same pink hat who had no idea that Harrison would retire and Bruschi  would as well. I was laughing at you dopey bandwagoners who have Pats SB DVDs playing on a loop unable to understand life goes on.

    SF dealt Montana because of the cap era unfolding.  The cap doesn't go up until 2015. Brady can't make 20 mil per if he's worse than what he was making prior to 2009. The math doesn't work, dummy.

    It's the same reason why they didn't give Welker a 3-4 year deal at 9-10 million per. Duh.

    You live in some odd little 12 year old fantasy land, Hurlie. That's your problem. Preheat the oven and get out the frosting. 

    Alright it's going to be hard, but I'll try to pick through your 14 paragraph rant and point out some of your it goes.


    After the San Diego game last year you said that Chung shut down Gates by himself - you said that! I argued that it was not rue and that is wasn't really possible for you to actually see most of that anyways without coach's tape or being at the game. Now what I did see was a guy (Gates) runnig into double coverage - thus the reason he was taken out of the game plan (Belichick does this with key weapons better than anyone..see Moss, Fitzgerald). Later it was also discovered that Gates was playing with a knee injury that would keep him out of the next three games.

    But you went ahead and said..."Chung single handidly shut down Gates!!!". You said that. You did. If you say you didn't then you are a fraud and liar (which is what we all know anyway).


    You said that Patrick Chung if used along the line of scrimmage as a strong safety would be as good a player as Palumalu. You said that two weeks ago. You said we couldn't expect Chung to be good in coverage and if he was used like Palumalu he would be the same player!! You said that!! You did...embarrassing? Yes, but said by you!! And if you believe that Chung would be the same as Palumalu then you are absolutely dillusional...which you are. 


    SAid right after the loss to the CARDINALS!!!!!!!! YOU flat out are a liar!! OMG!! You have to be kidding me?!?! You wrote an entire 3 paragraph post about how we can get two first round picks for Brady and start Mallett right now - you said the game was on his shoulders and he should of never thrown that pick. You said it !!!

    Bill Belichick will never run the anything but the 34 defense here.

    You were the single biggest defender of the 34 defense and the fact that Belichick never ran anything but the 34 his entire life (which is false by the way). See I actually argued with you for an entire Sunday evening explaining the times he DID use the 43 exclucively!! Once are lying:)!:)

    Markell Carter

    Ah yes!! Good old Markell! Little known defensive end that was a draft pick that didn't make the big boy club. You absolutely gushed when you heard that he was being paid extra money by the Patriots to stay on the practice squad. You said this guy is going to be a player...he had the size we were looking for!! I told you that I've seen him run and that his feet looked like they are weighed down in cement. I said that I would never post on this board again if he made the team. I don't even think he is on anyone's practice squad at this point.

    Shaun Ellis

    You spent weeks telling people how "the salary cap ramifications of the impending doom that is the uncertainty that is the lockout" was allowing us to get players like Ellis!! The warnings were out people!! The Jets couldn't keep Ellis and we were free to swoop in and pay him his 4 million per! We stole this guy from a division rival! You said that you moron!

    The impending doom of the uncertainty that is the lockout!!!!!

    You treated this one like the Mayan calender!! This was your baby for years!! LMAO!! All these teams were just going to be dumping players left and right!! Now refresh my memory here...did you say we got Carter, Anderson and WAters because of this??? I mean you're not really going to go ahead and suggest that the "impending doon that is the uncertainty that is the lockout" landed us these guys, are you? You said it yourself...this stuff happens every year and it does!!! Guys get cut because of many many many reasons. Coaching changes, scheme changes, under performing, contract, locker room problems, etc. Hell that very year we let go two guys ourselves...Ty Warren and Banta Cain. It had NOTHING TO DO WITH THE IMPLICATIONS OF THE UNCERTAINTY OF THE IMPENDING DOOM OF THE NFL LOCKOUT!! YOU MORON! 

    AS FOR THE REST...REvis, Benny, Merriweather, Pioli, Cassell...

    You have bashed Revis calling him overrrated and you did compare him to McCourty. You were far far far away from calling Revis a "great player, but not hall of fame Sanders type". You fell in love with Benny and five minutes into this season tried calling evryone out when he got decent yardage against a bad run defense in Baltimore...he has yet to have anything close to decent game since. You defended Merriweather at every turn. You put Pioli on a pedestal and if you walk into KC right now that entire city thinks he is the reason why that team stinks. Cassell wasn't accurate and is only a back up, yet you had him ranked as a top 5 quarterback as memory serves me...I'm sure you'll never admit that or any of this...all your accounts have been banished over and over again:(

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    Re: The Babe Parilli Watch

    In response to Bunker Spreckels' comment:

    My god are you dumb. Everyone who is an IQ over 100 sees it, Hurlie. You're reading comprehension is an embarrassment. Add in some awful attempts to lie and twist what I said and you're a raging loser.

    Are you really this stupid to think that because I said Chung needs to be used more Polamalu at the line, near the line or like a LaRon Landry type, this means I said Chung = Polamalu?

    Everyone here is laughing at you right now.  Chung is an in the box safety and I disagree how BB uses him.  Get it?  Everyone else knew exactly what I meant.  The skill set is the concept, not the talent level or resume of each player. You're so stupid you've become legendary being stupid.

    I said Chung shut down Gates when I talked about the Star role and how BB was using that last year with Bodden early in the season in 2011? There were many players used in the slot/star role, not just Chung, so you're caught in another lie.

    This proves you're reading comprehension is horrendous which means in no way you can teach English, History or even a math or a science, which leaves Home Ec or Industrial Arts.

    Seriously, what do you teach? Please share with us what it is you teach. Why is it such a secret? We all wonder why that's a secret.

    How can you be employed with that level of reading comprehension, too? I wouldn't hire you and I;m 15 years younger than you are.    Are you just enjoy lying to try to throw crap at the wall thinking it will stick?

    My god. How old are you? 47?  How many books do you think you read in a year? A half a book? Do you just skim the book? LMAO


    I "gushed " when NE raised Markell Carter's salary? Did I "gush" last week when they raised Salas's?  No, I didn't "gush" either time. How is it gushing by pointing out that they like the progress of a developmental player and just simply noting that they must like the progress?  Again, this is your 12 year old brain development. There is no way you're an adult approaching 50. No way.

    You mock how BB runs this team and he does a great job using the PS as a makeshift minore league system, where they do have a pretty good success rate of promoting players from it, who end up helping this team. Why is this fact a problem if you're a fan of the Patriots?

    You have some serious issues.

    As for Brady, I said IFhe has a down year where he fades and teams offer the moon at the end of the year, yes, you listen. Yes.  I didn't say definitely do it.   Indianapolis just intelligently moved on from Gomer, so don't act like that could never happen to your boyfriend. Brady is 35 years old.  Joe MOntana was done at 35. It's called being realistic, but I never said "trade Brady and start Mallett". Again, this is more proof of you being a liar or having reading comprehension issues.


    As for the others:

    Shaun Ellis?  Me being happy guys like Waters, Anderson and Andre Carter were available and BB could add more veteran 3-4/4-3 depth to help the team, is a bad thing? Do you not understand how BB works?

    I remember when he signed Waters I said that KC was going in a new direction with youth when some question Waters quality at his age. I said you wait and volia, he and Light were our best O Linemen last year.  Hmmm.  Caught in another lie, eh, Hurlie?

    Same deal with Carter.   3-4 experience, not successful, but ideal for the 4-3 switch. He goes by the odds.  He had a pool of money poach 30 something vets and guess what? It worked!  The approach worked!  Carter, Waters and Anderson helped this team to a SB.  Only you would act like this is a problem and that BB loading up with system depth is a bad thing.  LMAO


    You meanwhile, are enraged BB didn't wildly spend for the trendy Mario Willaims. LOL!  Embarrassment city for HUrlie!  LOL! Spend that money wildly and overpay ONE player so the media writes stories about it for you to feel secure about commenting, right Hurlie?!

    LOL!  Quick!  Call Tony Mazz for his opinion!  lmao

    3-4 D? I am well aware of BB running 4-3 and  3-4 (all the way back to 20010 and 2001) and I am constantly talking about his ability to get players to play both, shifting back in and out and using man and zone for both. No one believes your lying self on this one. No one.

    Last year, some moron started a thread about the 4-3 and total shift to it, with BB never wanting to run a 3-4 ever again. I stepped in and said it was ludicrous to make that claim.  Of course BB wants all options on the table. He doesn't run just a 4-3 or a 3-4. He doesn't run a 4-3 NCAA college based defense.  You come to play D here and you put on your big boy pants becuse BB asks you to play a variety of roles. For some moron to think the 4-3 will be a final switch for BB was hilarious to me.

    Again, you're wrong. You have severe mental, reading comprehension problems and a horrendous memory. I can see why are unemployed.  You're a liar, a moron and a middle aged loser.

     PS If anyone reads this, the one way to tell you're a pathological liar is when you say "you had Cassel as a top 5 Qb if memory serves me".

    Not even  my worst enemy here would claim I said that. Me saying he's the kind of QB you want to build around or thinking he is light year ahead of Sanchez or other overrated QBs in this league doesn't mean I "have him as a top 5 QB".


    I can see why you're single and a middle aged balding loser flat out unemployed. You're not hireable.



    Listen, relax it's ok. So you got caught lying and being a fraud, it happens (to you). And I know/knew how it would go - you get called out (like you do daily) and then you will attack a person...make wild accusations...act real real dumb and expose yourself. It's become classic to be honest. Good old funny stuff, it's almost as funny as watching you describe football. Hillarious!

    So let me get this straight, at first you denied being apart of any of those ideas/things you said. Then you said (upon further proof/explanation) that some of it was true, but a small percentage. And now all you can do is accuse me of being old, unemployed, having poor comprehension, and memory. LMAO all day. We all think you are a MORON. Hey it's ok man, but try this...instead of sitting in those cat scan machines...try selling them. Lay off on the radiation for just a month and see if you get better. Maybe you'll even start tto see that leaving 14 million under the cap over the last two season does not= a good thing. TRy it - give it whirl.

    You know what really cracks me up though? The fact that you think Bill Belichick is using Chung the wrong way!! Did you really just say that?!?! Did you?!!!! Did you now? Because I'd like to add that to the list of your stupidity - keep that doosie fresh in memory for eternity because that puppy is going to live in infamy. I love it!! Mr. Belichick is the best GM evah!! Doesn't think he knows how to use safeties properly. You can't make this stuff up, you really can't.

    Hey, could you run a quick spell checky over this for me? And I want those tps reports on my desk first thing Monday morning.  

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    Re: The Babe Parilli Watch

    In response to Bunker Spreckels' comment:

    So, BB not being 100% right all the time as a human,  or me disagreeing with BB or Brady's on field decisons, with Brady not being such, and me saying this, means I'm a fraud? You're one weird middle aged loser.

    I've disagreed with BB many times, but overall I realize he's the best coach by far and away and I don't sit on a board mocking his coaching and leadership like you do.  Seek help.

    Also, NE wasn't "14 million" under any cap at any time at the end of any season under Bob Kraft, so that's another lie. 

    So, what do you teach?  We know it's not English, History or Math.  Impossible. You're  a moron with each subject.

    The fact you don't answer this is very telling for all of us. You either are not a teacher or you're so embarrassed to say what it is, you can't even admit what you do for a living. Then, you attach some generic medical equipment component to what I do because you don't know much about anything, so lumping me in with what you know to be medical equipment, in your mind, is what I do. Simpleton much, professor? lmao 

    You didn't go to college either. It's very obvious. You can't articulate what you want to say and get confused easily and feature the worst memory this side of Magnolia Manor's residents where Babe resides.

    Again, it's highly comical that some uncultured moron like you, who has never left the state of Massascusetts, pretends he's smarter than myself. Hilarious.  Your idea of eating out is probably going to Applebee's, too. You shop at Walmart as well. LMAO

    You're also the same moron who doesn't appreciate what Belichick has done here. Sad, really. You're just a miserable loser at age 47 playing video games and dreaming of a relationship with Tom Brady. bawahaha

    Stop being so Babeish

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