The Babe Parilli Watch

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    Re: The Babe Parilli Watch

    In response to Bunker Spreckels' comment:

    So, BB not being 100% right all the time as a human,  or me disagreeing with BB or Brady's on field decisons, with Brady not being such, and me saying this, means I'm a fraud? You're one weird middle aged loser.

    I've disagreed with BB many times, but overall I realize he's the best coach by far and away and I don't sit on a board mocking his coaching and leadership like you do.  Seek help.

    Also, NE wasn't "14 million" under any cap at any time at the end of any season under Bob Kraft, so that's another lie. 

    So, what do you teach?  We know it's not English, History or Math.  Impossible. You're  a moron with each subject.

    The fact you don't answer this is very telling for all of us. You either are not a teacher or you're so embarrassed to say what it is, you can't even admit what you do for a living. Then, you attach some generic medical equipment component to what I do because you don't know much about anything, so lumping me in with what you know to be medical equipment, in your mind, is what I do. Simpleton much, professor? lmao 

    You didn't go to college either. It's very obvious. You can't articulate what you want to say and get confused easily and feature the worst memory this side of Magnolia Manor's residents where Babe resides.

    Again, it's highly comical that some uncultured moron like you, who has never left the state of Massascusetts, pretends he's smarter than myself. Hilarious.  Your idea of eating out is probably going to Applebee's, too. You shop at Walmart as well. LMAO

    You're also the same moron who doesn't appreciate what Belichick has done here. Sad, really. You're just a miserable loser at age 47 playing video games and dreaming of a relationship with Tom Brady. bawahaha

    7 million per season= 14 million...easy math for most. Yeah, you can't lump me into the I disrespect Bill Belichick as a coach thing either - I've posted on this site somewhere around 5000 times over the last 4 years and I'm willing to bet that out of that 5000 I didn't question his caoching decisions more than three times.

    And I'm sorry I'm not talking about my career with you - this is a football site and as much a good guy you seem to be (lol) I'm not going to discuss it with you. Darn, you don't like Applebee's or Wlamart? Why not? Decent prices...good selection from both.

    And guess what? I articulate what I'm trying to say very very clearly...that you know very little about football and that you are a total moron of biblical proportions. Hey, here's a smiley face for you:) 

    What's on the agenda tonight Rusty? Maybe head down to the local bar and grill...order somthing light and sophisticated. Pull out the old smart phone at the edge of the bar and discuss the latest salary cap ramifications from the impending doom that is the virtual certainty of the NFL lockout with some poor couger that as desperate as she may be - will know well enough to run for her life? Or maybe you can just chillax with your work buds - of course you may NOT want to inform them that you're coming - because they'll leave the a hurry. 

    Admit it, when you watch the game tomorrow you won't have a clue to what is going on.