Yesterday was a tough game, but a win.  Mistakes and miscues cost us, our team couldn't seem to find its footing (literally), but we came through in the 4th where it counts and showed heart and determination in doing so.  Short week this week with a Thur night game against the Jets in Foxboro.  We should win that.  No gimmee mind you, but comparing how both teams just played and the fact we are playing at home, it should be a win.  After that we have a long week to go over film from the first 2 games, practice and work out the kinks.  Like a mini bye, but with this young team that is actually a very good thing.  The following week we play Tampa, who looked absolutely horrid yesteray.  Horrid!  And again, we play them at home.

This is actually the perfect scenario to help build confidnece and raport with all these new faces.  Gronk should be making his way back for this game as well I'm guessing.  Again, another expected win here.  That puts us at 3-0 before we go back on the road and get a game that really tests us, and that should be enough time where this team is gelling a bit more and have worked out some kinks.  BB might even want to think about just resting DA this week, that way he has a solid 2 weeks to try and recover from that groin issue.  We should be able to take the Jets without him.