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by the way, very odd phenomena, that 20 or more people who cannot see somethng you see (often sadly) mount personal attacks, namecalling, stalking around the board, then when the thing you point outed out (very early) comes to be the accepted reality even to them, not only do they not want to discuss it, but if you bring up the matter, they think its cool to attack for that.

ever heard of accountabilty and responsiility? giving credit where credit is due? its like there is a fear of losing something by givigng credit or attibution. sad and i hope it changes. thankfully one place on this board that kind of decency and humanity is common (on the draft thread).

Yet you and Babe do all the things you're complaining about yourselves.

Actually I have been on the best behavior since the board reset Rusty.

OK you can call me rusty and I'll keep identifying you as vaginaboy

Hi Rusty.