Here's a vain attempt at setting the record straight. How many receivers who drop critical passes in big games are with the same team next year? You guys can come up with more than me for sure. I can think of Algie Crumpler, the Raven receivers who gift wrapped a couple of victories for our boys, and, of course, WW, to name a few. If you're a coach or gm you just can't afford to be victimized a second time. You'd never hear the end of all the 'I told you so'. The NFL is a results orientated, what has you done for me lately, (and what are you GOING to do for me), business. In some respects, I can't believe I'm writing this. Most of our seasoned contributors, and you know who you are, are going to think I'm stating the obvious. But these 'johnny come lately' posters who are all up in a tizzy and who are putting their mouths in gear while their minds are in neutral are wearing me down. Not sure I can take it anymore. So, to all you newbies to the forum, you gridiron ingenues, you wanna be armchair gms, please think before you post because......................................... you aren't!