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The bottom line - for years now.

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    Re: The bottom line - for years now.

    Hightower NEVER blizes.

    When you have LESS talent that is when the coach gets MORE creative.

    This defense is the most vanilla, least intimidating unit in the league.  For the 5th STRAIGHT season.

    Bring on Gruden.


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    Re: The bottom line - for years now.

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    I thought Brady played poorly today, but the truth is without him we lose this game by 30 points. That's pretty telling about how this team is built. The last two seasons have been the worst free agency period I've seen. There is too much emphasis on value and getting the most for the dollar - meanwhile we end up with Jonathan Fenene and SEatle gets to keep Red Byrant. How good would Byrant look on our defensive line right now? But we get to keep the 7 million we didn't pay him (we are still 7 million under the cap and were last year too).

    I couldn't see SEA letting Bryant go. He's a top Dlineman in the game.

    True, but he was very much a free agent - if we offer as much as the Seahawks, does he stay in Seattle? Maybe, maybe not.

    You're a moron. He said it was a family choice and his best friend is there on the team. He was leaning Seattle, listened to BB out of respect. You never, ever know facts or do your homework. You just whine and mouth off like an old lady with a wet diaper. LOSER

    I am sure you were cheering Brady's two god awful INTs, his groundings, his bad game management and numerous other awful low and bad throws today, Hurlie.

    Get those cupcakes readty for tomorrow's 1st period class.  Yellow frosting this week?


    Hey question, are you even employed? I'm pretty convinced you live in your  mom's basement.

    This has got to be killing you though...the "young and exciting rebuilt defense" killing this team. Year after year after year. Kind of throws a monkey wrench into the "Bill Belichick is the best gm ever!!" thing for you too, doesn't it? I suppose the seven million left under the cap that we are right now is going to be usefull for those street free agents we will be signing shortly too, huh?

    My lord your script and story is so tired right now. Pathetic really. Even the cup cake thing is old and boorish at this point. I don't even have the energy to tell you that BJGE could barely muster 60 yards going up against the worst run defense in the NFL today, because it's like really...what's the point? You're kind of a moron - its almost not even right to make fun of you anymore - you've demonstrated your stupidity over and over and over again.

    We signed Fenene...we (if offered enough) could of landed something better. Tell me, do you still consider Chung to be in Palumalu's class/league? Don't bother answering, I and most everyone else thinks your opinion is worthless. You lost credibility a long time ago.

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    Re: The bottom line - for years now.

    All of that is true and also that the offense can't  close out games either. I won't deny that the defense has given up game winning drives late to lose many games. We also have to look at the offense that suddenly goes cold and can't finish out games either. This loss is on both the offense and the defense. The coaching was horrendous today too.

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    Re: The bottom line - for years now.

    Not that I think the offense if faultless here... they are NOT.  But, at what point does Belichick have to start accepting some REAL accountability for this putrid D?  In fact, how about some accountability for the entire team...  How about the offensive line that can't keep the franchise clean when there's more than four bringing the heat? 

    In regards to Belichick and his accountability, I'm not talking about the mundane press conference response where he says "we have to play better, we have to coach better, it's as simple as that... blah, blah, blah."  He's the one that drafts the players on the field.  He's the one that hires the coaching staff...  he makes the personnel decisions.  He signs off on the gameplan...  If you want to play that "bend but don't break" style of defense, fine...  but you kinda need corners and safeties that don't allow receivers to get 10 yards past them in coverage.  He's the guy that drafted the personnel on the field.  The whole freaking point of the bend but don't break defense is to keep everything IN FRONT of you!  The buck stops with him on everything pertaining to the organization aside from ownership concerns.  So at what point does he become accountable?

    Everyone from fanboys to the media love to throw about buzz words, such as "defensive genius" or "guru."  I can assure you, he's neither.  If he were, he'd have a defense that people fear, rather than laugh at.  Yes, I said LAUGH AT!  No one fears this defense anymore.  I've been a Patriots fan for many, many years and suffered through the bad days and enjoyed the good, but the conclusion that I've come to is that there seems to be an elephant in the room that no one wants to address when it comes to Belichick...  The fact that all of his titles were won playing with house money. 

    As a defensive coordinator for the Giants in the '80's, he was coaching the likes of L.T., Carl Banks, Pepper Johnson and Leonard Marshall, just to name a few.  Pretty hard not to be successful with that bunch.  But guess what...  he didn't draft any of those players.  Another Bill, last name Parcells did.  So, when we fast forward a decade to when he takes over the Patriots, he wins early and often on his way to 3 titles in 4 years, and everyone crowns him as a defensive genius.  Once again, he's riding on the coat tails of that "other" Bill, last name Parcells.  Belichick won 3 titles in New England with the likes of Tedy Bruschi, Ted Johnson, Willie McGinnest, Lawyer Milloy, Ty Law...  ALL PARCELLS' GUYS!  Then throw Romeo Crennel and Charlie Weiss into the mix and you have two MORE Parcells guys!  What happens after all those guys are long gone?  The "guru" is exposed for the fraud he is.

    Are you seriously telling me that a defensive "genius" can't come up with some sort of plan to keep a rookie qb from looking like Joe Montana?  Curtis Freaking Painter gave us a battle last year...  and now, Russell Wilson???

    The bottom line is that the buck stops with Belichick.  Whether it's lack of personnel, or poor coaching (or both), there's an inherent problem with technique and personnel on this squad.   He apparently has the guys that he wants, since he's the guy drafting them...  so, either he's not the coach everyone thinks he is, or, he's not the personnel evaluator that HE thinks he is.  If he is indeed a "genius" then why are guys like Chung and Arrington even on the field.  They are clearly liabilities.  Not only can Chung not cover, but he can't even lay a big hit anymore because he's always so out of position that he can't get to the play until it's well over.

    That is the bottom line, and it has been for years now and Babe, I couldn't agree more...  Go ahead and call me a troll.  It's an idiotic word used by small minded internet bullies directed at anyone who disagrees with them.  So, I'm a troll...  but at least the elephant in the corner has at least been addressed.