The Bye Week ..... by Palookaski

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    Re: The Bye Week ..... by Palookaski

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    So wahddya think? Could the Patriots win a REAL game with this staff in charge? Hmmm ...

    Haha. Thanks for the nod! LFBIQ and PatsEng can shop for the groceries any day. As this board indicates, other than playing QB it's the most thankless job in New England.

    In real life, I think the team would crash and burn under this leadership (myself included) haha. But really a creative and fun alternative to traditional 'board awards' threads.

    Two things. One nomination, another suggestion for a position left out.

    MBeualieu has to be director of college scouting. All the way.

    Also, who gets to be this guy? The man in the shadows, and the most unheralded piece of New England's dominance? We need a Director of Football Research. We need an Ernie Adams. My favorite FO guy in New England.

    The breifings he has handed BB on win probability, punting, etc have led to the rather creative playcalling Ne has in critical situations ... the gem of course being the "snap to nowhere" that allowed NE to beat Denver on a last second drive a number of seasons back.

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    Re: The Bye Week ..... by Palookaski

    too much of a polularity contest.  I like contributions from guys like pmike and paulk. Missed folks like rerun and laz...and a whole bunch of people who left the forum for different reasons.

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