The Current State of The Patriots - Wish List for 2013 Season?

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    The Current State of The Patriots - Wish List for 2013 Season?

    I think the Patriots are in pretty good position for a solid 2013 season



    QB – We still have a serviceable QB in Brady (haha), and Mallet as the backup. Tebow will have little impact on this position; it’s NOT BBs style for trick plays and haven’t shown any interest in Wildcat.

    OL – Pretty solid, decent depth. Designed to protect Brady and keep him upright. Not convinced that this group has the best OL for the running game

    RB – no complaints here

    WRs – young and dumb or green. Everyone on roster is pretty green w/ Pats playbook; regardless of age.

    TEs – Gronk out, Hernadez is having legal issues now. Ballard being brought along slowly, but has no experience w/ playbook.  Rest of the JAG TEs nothing to speak about.  Need another TE pickup to support Ballard?



    I’m gonna say that the additions will hopefully improve our pass rush and pass coverage. Time will tell if the additions will help the Patriots get into the top 5 in terms of points against and red zone defense. The defense is still pretty young. New veterans will help just enough to keep us in a game (or win a game or two) when we are matched up against the likes of 49ers.



    Offense – McD needs to do better job of mixing up play calling – keeping opposing defenses off balance.

    Defense – Patricia needs to get more aggressive w/ defensive play calling – take more timely chances to get the Patriots off the field between the 20s; especially when midfield.


    Overall, it’s looking good – except where Hernandez is concerned. We’ll see how that plays out.


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    Re: The Current State of The Patriots - Wish List for 2013 Season?

    Yanno, anon, I can't find fault with any of what you have there.  A lot of sensationalism surrounding the TE position but overall I think the O will be quite good, not up to last year, but quite good.  A lot will depend on the the w/r position (not to state the obvious).  Running game should be solid to quite good.  Agree wrt D.

    All in all, current difficulties notwithstanding, I'm optimistic.

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    Re: The Current State of The Patriots - Wish List for 2013 Season?

    Yeah pretty well stated. This O right now is a big question mark. The OL coming back intack can't be overstated imo. That's going to give a big boast to the running game and should give Brady time to sit in the pocket. Given our green receiving core right now Brady is going to need it. I know it's just OTA's but I'm not getting the warm a fuzzies from the receiving core so far. Dobson was heralded as a person who doesn't drop passes and in OTA's he couldn't hold on to them either. Now I'm sure people are going to says it's just a case of the yips for being new to a pro and he'll get over it, however, we are the Pats. We are consistently in high pressure situations. If he's getting the yips in OTA's then we might have an issue. Amendola has been fitting well as most thought he would, but the question mark around him hasn't been if he'd fit in only if he will be able to stay in.

    The TE's are a major concern. We've seen what happens when Hern and Gronk aren't on the field. Now I loved what I saw from Ballard when he was with the Giants so hopefully there isn't a lot of rust to knock off. If he gets back to form then I don't think Brady will complain. Sudfeld I've been high on since we signed him. I think a lot of people are going to be surprised when they first see him play. Having those two is going to help the lose of Gronk (hopefully they keep him out for a couple of weeks to get 100%) and Hern but nether is a proper replacement for those two.

    The secondary has come back mostly intact with a nice new addition. That should really help them as we haven't had the same secodary year to year for what 6 years now? A Wilson should be an upgrade to Chung just as long as they manage his reps to keep him fresh all year. Then again Chung was on ever down either so this is an upgrade no matter how you look at it. Hopefully Dennard doesn't fall into the sophmore jinx all the Pats CB's appear to fall in and if Talib and Ras can stay healthy this should be a good core. Hopefully Arrington is only seen on money downs too.

    The pass rush should improve with Jones getting another year under his belt as well as Hightower. With both having that extra year they should be able to provide extra pressure. The real question becomes pressure up the middle. Now Love and Deadrick didn't provide any pressure last year and Cunningham was replaced by Francis after he couldn't juice up anymore so the bar is set very low for the likes of Kelley and Armstead. The question that remains however, is if the run D will suffer from replacing those big bodies. Lets face it Kelley isn't known as a run stopper and Armstead/Forston are still unknowns at this point.

    For what we thought was a strong team with a couple holes going into the offseason there are now a lot of question marks and unknowns. This could end up being a brilliant offseason for BB or it could be one we look at and wonder why he didn't do more when he had the chance. Either way I haven't gone into a camp wondering what this team will look like come Sept for a while now and this year I have no clue.

    I swear by lil 10 pound bearded baby Jesus

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    Re: The Current State of The Patriots - Wish List for 2013 Season?

    Thanks, PatsEng for adding more details