The day BELICHICK betrayed all of BAWSTON!

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    Re: The day BELICHICK betrayed all of BAWSTON!

    Obviously friendship means nothing to you CC.

    Why shouldn't your friend visit you on the only two or three times he/she maybe in town regardless of the reason.

    You do realize there are many professionals that have been friends since high school and actually spend time together either before a game or after.

    Gee weren't there two guys in the SB on opposite teams that spent time together before the game????

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    Re: The day BELICHICK betrayed all of BAWSTON!

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    didnt know this til i read jackie macmullan's intimate article with kobe (lucky for her she was never alone in a hotel room with him). but in it he shares that a changing moment for him that propelled him to 2 more rings happened after game 6 in 2008 when the lakes got blown out in bawston as the celtics when on to ring #18. confetti is about to fall, time still left on the clock and benedict bill (in that moment) reaches out with his from his luxury seat and tells kobe that he knows how it feels from just doing that against the jints and that he will be back for his ring just as the PATS would be too. kobe had never spoken to him before that, but he took in the groupie and they became close friends.. to the point that he now regularly talks to bill and bb has been a frequent guest in the enemy locker room right here in bawston.. UNACCEPTABLE! UNACCEPTABLE!

    doc should immediately severe his relations with bb and stop confiding with him. this kobe went on to win his next 2 rings... one at the EXPENSE of the little karma twist by bb to the HOME team and away from the enemy could have put us over the top, for this i will FOREVER hold a grudge against the belichick! imagine if doc was seen hanging with the ravens or going into their lockerroom after we lostthis year in the playoffs and was seen reaching out to jj watts or to peyton (back in the day) as we kicked his can.. this is UNACCEPTABLE! i bleed everything bawston in pro sports, this is serious to me.. bb was unbecoming in this area.. UNACCEPTABLE!


    You are the COMMIE CONTARIAN with a new moniker but same ole garbage.



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    Re: The day BELICHICK betrayed all of BAWSTON!

    All time greats have a bond with each other and that's exactly what BB and Kobe share.  It doesn't matter who plays for who, it's greatness they have in common and that's all that matters.  Don't take everything so personnal, geez.  Many all time greats share respect for one another regardless of what team a person plays on.