is greatly exaggerated. Got ya!

Reading Mike Reiss' column on the media spotlight shining brightly on the Pats, and about an irritated Scott Pioli, I was reflecting on just how far this team of ours has come. I don't go as far back as some here, but I do remember some dark times. There was one 1-15 season, ugh!

I know most of us realize how fortunate we are to have watched the team's unparalleled success this decade. Three super bowl victories in four years and with a few more breaks there could have been more! What a time to be a fan. What a just reward for those of us who have followed them through thick and thin.

Yet there are still those who complain about and pick apart the way the Patriots do their business. We all have friends and know people who are pessimists but come on! What more can you ask of your team?

The immediate future still looks bright. We have the most draft picks in the best draft in years. We still have Belichick and Brady. In a few short years this great run could come crashing down, I hope not too soon, but all dynasties come to an end eventually. Enjoy it while it lasts, we may never witness anything like this again.