The Dome Element

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    Re: The Dome Element

    Interesting point, but I don't think it'll be a factor.  The Giants and Patriots have both gotten much younger than they were in 2007...all over the field.  I'd say whomever is laying the wood on the opposition more will be in a better spot.  Pats have always had pretty good conditioning in all types of environments.  I haven't seen enough of the Giants to comment on how conditioned they are week in and week out.

    I will say that the game last week in SF, Cruz was absolutely gassed in the fourth quarter.
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    Re: The Dome Element

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    The Giants have gotten younger?  I don't really see it. I see the same front 7 minus Mitchell and Strahan, with maybe a Boley and Pierre Paul. I am talking mroe about D Line and depth and valuable it is in the SB. I think Coefield was a big loss for NY's D Line in the offseason and I am seriously more just wondering if anyone has an opinion on who they use and how effective their rotations are. Let's be honest here: The whole reason wny NY's pass rush succceeded in SB 42 was because of an otherworldly front 7 and a great scheme from Spagnuolo, which unfortunately McDaniels played right into for too long. If the Giants front 7 thinks they can do that again, anything's possible, but good luck.
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    Rusty - am I reading this correctly - are you actually ADVOCATING the hurry up/spread to wear the opposing D out? Could that really be true?
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