-The Falcons offense is the number two offense in the game behind only fellow NFC South rival NO Saints. 
    -Tony Gonzalez is going to have a field day without a legitimate LB to stop him
    - in order to stop Turner you need at least eight in the box
    - Roddy White is a better wide receiver than the well aged future hall of famer Moss (on the questionable list ouch patriot fans, Welker too damn)

The Defense is a push, both teams need work.

I believe the Falcons possess a better pass rush, NE has better corners

Falcons Win 45 -20 in a statement game.  Solidify the Falcons as the team to beat in the NFC.

Now before comments start coming out at me that I am a troll or a homer, I must say that you are the model organization in the League and a win for the Falcons is a much bigger than it would be for the Patriots.  It would be make the Falcons an elite team.  That does not happen very often for us and we couldn't of done it with your former scouting director Thomas Dimitroff.  He with the tutelage of Pioli and Belchick has become the next great mind of the NFL.

sorry about tommorrow, you've had your time

Matt ryan is the Truth
In Dimitroff and Smith We Trust
A biased season ticket holder
Go Falcons