The good and the bad...

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    The good and the bad...

    The good:

    Played as horribly as we could for 2.5 quarters, turned the ball over 4 times, and still should have won.

    The offense is just fine... once they found their groove, they were unstoppable.

    I'd rather lose now than in the Super Bowl... and I'd feel very good about a rematch with these guys.

    The team showed a ton of heart... they fought like crazy, and that shows a lot about the character of these 53 men. 

    Certainly it was a moral victory. Given how horribly they played, to still be in a position to win is very impressive. Again, I feel good about where the team is and I'd be comfortable in a rematch with these guys.

    Gronk should return soon.

    The bad:

    Dennard got injured... and it looked bad. Not only do we lose a good player, but now that thrusts Arrington into a starting role... this has the potential to be disasterous.

    Talib walked off the field looking gimpy. Not good...

    Gregory looked vulnerable after having played very good football for a number of weeks.

    The secondary seemed to take a big step back, and the progress they were making seemed to be lost.

    Spikes looked gimpy and he walked off the field late in the game with the help of the training staff.

    We lost...

    The road to the Super Bowl will now go through Denver or Houston.

    No first round bye.


    All things considered, I'm not too disapointed tonight. We played horribly for 2.5 quarters, were down by 4 touchdowns, and still should've beaten a very good team. I like our chances in a rematch, and I feel good about this team going forward. 

    I'm more disappointed about the fact we'll now have to go through Denver or Houston, and that we won't get a first round bye, than the actual loss itself... but it is what it is.

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    Re: The good and the bad...

    Also keep in mind that this was with no Gronk. I Really like their chances with him based on how they have played the past 2 weeks (minus the 1st half of this game).

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    Re: The good and the bad...

    Well.....I might get to see a Patriots playoff game for the first time ever, here in Colorado

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    Re: The good and the bad...

    The bad - Oline again exposed by good defense early in the game which helped put them in a big hole. Running backs Ridley and Vereen's ball handling appears to be a problem which could dent their confidence. Secondary appeared to regress this game and there could be injuries.

    The Good - the comeback and never say die attitude of particularly Tom Brady.

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    Re: The good and the bad...

    We made the mistake of sticking with the run for too long.  We should have abandoned it much earlier in the game than we did.  Once TB started airing it out, we were able to scrore.  When you get a defense that's stopping you on the ground, just admit it and go to the air.  We wasted too much time and ultimately didn't have time to overtake them.

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    Re: The good and the bad...

    The good - They still had a chance to win it despite 4 turnovers

    The Bad - The cheap shot on Dennard...Hope he is okay because I am not emotionally prepared to watch Kyle Arrington become the opponents MVP. The other bad....I don't trust Ridley or Vereen come playoff time. Bad weather games, cold, fumbling problems...not a good mix.