being that they are our most hated rival, I will say some things here about them


LAST NITE IN THE FIRST PART OF THE GAME WITH ones playing, albeit against a Giant team right now in big trouble the jests looked much better than last year

smith has improved, he did his reads, did not force the ball and when he ran , he slid when he was supposed to, he had a few good throws, he looked like a qb, 

they have a few weapons

the oline was decent

Only their center would probably start for the Pats

They have 3 very good Dlinemen

Allen the Safety at cb is a very , very good athlete, 

Pryor looks like a playeR

These five could make the pats easily

the lbs I had no feel for, and the other DBS looked weak

Coples had a good game

Overall not any depth

I know they lost and gave up points, but it wasn't with the ones

They can win low scoring games

The Giants looked ghastly, may have made jests look better than they were


am not trying to start anything, just observations 

Pat's Fan lost in Jet Land