The Jets are the team to beat???  Right now?  Sure, but seriously...


The 2010 Draft hasn't even occured.  There are DOZENS of trades and players yet to be picked up.   Calm yourself children.  The Jests BARELY made it to the Playoffs last year by playing teams starting second / third string personnel.  They pulled two Playoff games out their 5-hole.   Don't get ahead of yourselves.  And not for nothing, but that locker room is one bad hair day away from Armageddon.

Let's talk about who's in a better position 3 weeks from now?!?!  And before anyone starts to spout off about how much exp they've gotten let's remember we had a QB coming off a possible career ending injury.


What?  Me worry?

Reiss remembers a conversations he had with former Patriots personnel chief Scott Piloi about the media being too easily smitten with springtime transactions.
Pioli once challenged me to match the newspaper headlines from March and April with results in December and January. It wasn't pretty, and my work was right there at the top of the underperforming list. If my opinions were evaluated as harshly as Pioli himself was, I would have been looking for a new job.

That's one reason conceding the AFC East to anyone on April 12 is a dubious proposition, especially when Tom Brady is the quarterback of the Patriots and Mark Sanchez is entering his second season with the Jets.