The kids step it up

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    The kids step it up

    I about wept after seeing Gronk go down. Tough loss for sure. 

    Maybe this has been brought up in another post but, I saw Josh Boyce pick it up. I saw Vereen morphing into a faster version of Faulk. Het gets on the putside or downfield and he's very dangerous. Boyce showed some big time NFL moves yesterday too. Edelman is Mr. Consistant and has quietly make us all feel like saying "Wes who?". 73 receptions and 775 yards. Welker is at 73 receptions and 778 yards. 

    Blount, if given 10-12 carries a game, can be huge. Dobson will make his contribution and so will Ridley. 

    Gronk is down. The way I see it, the Patriots have players ready to step it up at just the right time (now).

    Everyone talks about Josh Gordon and he is a great WR. No doubt about it. However, Vereen had 12 catches for 153 yards and Gordon had 7 catches for 151 yards. Yet, you barely hear mention of it on the sports shows.

    Gronk being out has opposing defenses breathing a collective sigh of relief but, there's a new headache for them in Vereen.  

    Defensively we have big concerns but, again, players are going to step it up there. 

    I saw pretty much a bad game for the Patriots yesterday but, saw glimpses of them starting to peak at just the right time. 

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    Re: The kids step it up

    We do have some great young talent. For a team to be 10-3 with 5 rookies on defense and a corps of rookie WRs, BB should be in high consoderation for COTY