#10 - Patriots Pass Defense - these guys even though they are young need to step up and start playing a lot better in these late games.

#9 - Tackling - the tackling has been horrible and they need to start wrapping guys up instead of second chance yards.

#8 - Running Game - this is a positive and I think Morris is going to carry the load for us in the next few games.  I also wish they would get Green-Ellis more involved as well.

#7 - Offensive Line - they have injuries and now so does Brady.  They need to give Brady more time in the pocket and figure out how to make this a season.

#6 - Moss - he needs to get more involved even though teams are double teaming him they need to find ways to get more plays setup for Brady to Moss.

#5 - Welker - another huge positive.  This guy to me is the one guy really stepping up on this team and playing like he wants to win.  I am sure all the fans appreciate what this guy has done for this team and his leadership.

#4 - Offensive Play Calls - can someone please call Charlie Weis and see if he is available.  I am getting so sick of seeing the same type of offensive play calls.  It is almost becoming to easy for teams to figure out what we are going to call next.

#3 - Coaching - I must say even though I still think Belichick is one of the best coaches in professional football, this year he has sucked period.  I can't stand his play calls and it is time to drop the ego and take points when we need them.  I give him credit for disciplining the team this week but this year he has really not been the Bill we know.

#2 - Team - what happen to the team approach the Patriots have always taken.  Have these guys just thrown in the towel with all the rift going on and the tough losses?   The Patriots have been built on a team approach and I don't see that fire and comrodity this year in this team.

#1 - LEADERSHIP - this team is lackiing leadership especially on the defensive side.  Adalius Thomas (F*** YOU) this guy is getting paid a huge contract and is suppose to be a leader to this young defense on the field.  I have no respect regardless of what is going on behind closed doors for someone that is suppose to be a veteran and gets paid to play a professional sport and all he can do is complain and not lead this team.  He hasn't done s*** for this team other than some spots early in his tenure with this team.  It is about time these guys step up and work for the money they are getting paid.  Get your a** up early if your making millions playing professional sports you f***** lazy bum.