The Law Firm- Ben Jarvis Green Ellis

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    The Law Firm- Ben Jarvis Green Ellis

    Ben Jarvis Green Ellis is another one of those no name guys on this Patriots squad that helped transform the Pats from last year to today. Unselfish, hard working, tough football players that are TEAM FIRST kind of guys!

    Quoting ESPN analyst and former NFL running back Merril Hoge .

    To hear him describe it, Green-Ellis is the anti-Maroney.

    “The thing that he does well, he’s a very decisive runner,’’ Hoge said. “He makes very few mistakes. He’ll be up in a hole and through an alley in a heartbeat. He’ll be on top of a defense before they have a chance to react. That, to me, is what makes him a great complement to what they’re doing.

    “And he’s stronger than most people give him credit for. He has very good instincts. He’s extremely disciplined and he’s quick. Notice I didn’t say fast. Being a good back in our league, you’ve got to be able to get in and out of a hole quickly. You’ve got to be decisive, and you’ve got to bring some power. That gives you the best chance to translate in our league. And he has all of those things.’’

    Quoting Ross Tucker

    “He’s not making life-altering money. He’s going to have to bang it away for a couple more years to get that. He knows that’’ Tucker said. “Maroney was set for life as soon as he got drafted in the first round. But BenJarvus is hungry. He’s hungry to prove himself and get a contract.’’

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    Re: The Law Firm- Ben Jarvis Green Ellis

    He just get better and better.  I like this guy and I hate all the threads that are about drafting a marquee running back.  It does not appear to me that we need to do that, we have other needs to fill.