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The legendary (and stoic) Bill Belichick's

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    The legendary (and stoic) Bill Belichick's

    You know how after amost every game (even games our Pats totally dominate in) coach Bill usually down plays things in his best, stoic manner. Take for example tonight's 45-10 whooping of Denver. Here's how I see his press conference:

    Reporter: "Hey coach, you totally dominated Tim Tebow and the Broncos. I bet the extra week couldn't have gone by any quicker for you. You looked very prepared(understatement.) What's your take on the outcome?"

    Bill B: (In his best monitone/stoic manner) "Well Denver is a great team. They played hard. Make no doubt about it. And we, well we played 60 minutes of football. We played well in all three phases of the game - offense, defense and special teams. I'm sure there are things we could have done better. I'm going to have to look at the tape. But right now I'm justed focusing on next week."

    So I was thinking...Do you think it's possible that in the off season Bill could be sitting around the house hanging with his buddies like John Bon J, etc...drinkin' a little wine and ACTUALLY admitting - "Hey, you what? MY TEAM KICKED BUTT. WE KICKED BUTT. WE ABSOLUTELY F***-ING KICKED BUTT." Only, no one outside his inner circle has EVER heard Bill utter such words before! Almost like the missing Nixon tapes. Imagine someone producing those rare 18 1/2 minutes of Bill bragging about certain Patriots players, certain specific teams etc. IMAGINE how rare that would be to find those!!
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    Re: The legendary (and stoic) Bill Belichick's

    I agree. Can't understand why the media even bothers to interview him any longer-He says the same things every time-which amount to nothing. I bet a couple dozen posters on this board could take his place on the podium and say exactly what he would have said-we know it by heart after 10 years. Even you were told the score and just listened to his voice-tone you would think the Pats lost! Funny as heck.