The New England Knights might be true after all?

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    Re: The New England Knights might be true after all?

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    All but two of those players are defenders, Rutgers did have one of the best defenses in the nation running a system very similar to ours and McCourty really doesn't count among this year's draft class does he?  


    If you wanted to bring some continuity to a young defense like the Pats, why not bring in a bunch of guys who have worked together, speak the same language and were very effective as a group.  It costs you nothing, you get to see who amongst the Rutgers guys really possess the talent and you've increased the communication level across your entire defense.  There may be a reason beyond nepotism for this.



    I can see that Wozzy, but bringing over an entire Rutgers secondary is a bit weird. They may have been good but no college program survives together into the Pro's. Not even Ala. I don't expect many to make the team truthfully which kind of breaks the continuity aspect nor do I think anyone of us really wants the majority of these guys to make up half of the secondary coming out of camp. It's just very strange to see this many carry overs from one team and something the league hasn't seen nor generally does.




    I don't expect them to make the team, but they could leave an imprint of communication, impart knowledge to fellow players and it could help the guys who do make it assimilate more easily into the unit as a whole.  There may be other reasons for this besides trying out a bunch of guys to make the team.

   's obvious one of the problems on last year's team was lack of communication based on what BB is doing with all these Ritgers guys.....even if all don't make it other guys can see the communication and togetherness with which they approach practice, preparations and's easier to build a team if more and more of the guys are on the same page...BB is weeding out the non-believers and non-hackers.

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    Re: The New England Knights might be true after all?

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    How many managers of billion dollar organizations could get away with such nonsense?

    If you were an employee, a recruit or a stakeholder in such an organization, would you be pleased?  Too much authority run amuck.




    If the manager was the visionary that built that billion dollar organization, like BB did, then I would say every single one of those managers. History has shown almost all businesses fail when they don't.

    Don't you wish your team operated like the Pats?