The Patriots are a good football organization. They have a great owner, great coach and a Hall of Fame QB. What Pats fans need to do is remember the sage wisdom of Bill Parcels. What the Patriots are right now is at best an average team. They are what they are! The Patriots are also rebuilding towards another run. 
They will need some good fortune in the draft and free agency but if the football gods smile upon I don't see why they can't retool and make another run at the title. Frankly, it is unrealistic to think we could stay on top forever. I remeber the Denver Broncos and how they lost three Super Bowl before retooling with Terell Davis and winning two championships in Elway's last two years. I think that is how it could turn out the Pats. This talk of what if Matt Cassel was the QB is rubbish.  Brady is a great QB but he can't do it all alone! He is not Superman. He needs a running attack and a good defense to help him win another title.