The new look Pats

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    The new look Pats

    It's clear things are improving with these new look Pats. The defense is coming together. Some guys are stepping up and others are starting to disappear. I like the fact that McGowan is now in at safety. He is a player! He will replace Sanders. Sanders seems like a weak link in the seconday. Always a few seconds late on each play. Boy, did Meriweather bail him out on a red zone! He showed Speed.  Merriweather is stepping up! Butler is productive as a nickel back. Did Wheatley ever see the field against baltimore? Guyton keeps improving.  I loved the fact the Pats were getting more pressure on the opposing QB! The four Dline is pushing and collapsing the pocket into the QB. 

     On offense, Brady is looking sharper. I love the fact that the Pats are running the ball more! In fact, Phil Simms the CBS commentator quoted Brady as saying "we need to run more and have a balance attack". That's the second week someone on the Pats said it's time to pound the ball. Very interesting Galloway was inactive!!!! I would not be surprised if he were cut Watson had some nice catches wonder if Belichick would ever consider putting him out at WR? He has the speed. It would be a great mismatch with some 5'9" defensive back!!! We are thin at WR but deep at running back. Maroney keeps dancing or running east and west! Too bad. Taylor, Morris & Falk make up the successful running trio. So, I always find it interesting to watch Belichick mold a bunch of player together. Overall, this team looks like it is gaining confidence!
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    Re: The new look Pats

    I am absolutely loving the play of Meriweather, so far. Ed Reed and Troy P. have proven the the position can still be a playmaker position and I won't say Meriweather is in that company yet, but he is making huge strides and is due for a breakout game.