The Officiating Calls that came to hunt the patriots

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    The Officiating Calls that came to hunt the patriots

    1. The phantom offensive pass interference on Edelman,
    2.offensive holding on Gronkowski.
    3.two yard pass interference on Jerod Mayo on ray rice .
    4. defensive holding on Devin Mccourty not even touching Torrey Smith
    5. No Holding calls at all on oher against Jones .
    6. Holding on spikes .

    7.PI Against Jones.

    results :

    1. The edelman One Just changed the game over and we got a FG instead Of TD .

    2. taking us out Of FG range.

    2. the ravens gott a first down . 

    3.another first down .

    4.another first down .

    5. no sacks against flacoo.

    6. another first down .

    7. game win for the ravens

    one last note : it wasnt manning that was getting the PI calls but flacco

    please bring on the real officials


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    Re: The Officiating Calls that came to hunt the patriots

    Good breakdown. I would like to add some commentary.

    On the offensive PI against Edelman, the corner was draped all over Edelman and did not turn around to play the ball. It was the absolute DEFINITION of defensive PI. Oh, just for good measure, the defensive player shoves Edelman in the face after the play with the ref standing right there. But what do you know, no personal foul call.

    If the hold on Gronk was an actual hold, then the Ravens O-Line was holding on every other play. Not even going to say how frustrating that was to watch.

    The problem with these refs is that they are wildly inconsistent. I'm not trying to sound boastful here, but I could've called a more consistent game than these refs. If I call holding incorrectly once, I'll call holding incorrectly every time. I'm not going to call holding once, then ignore it for the rest of the game. And I feel most of us are the same way.

    To me, it's not even that these replacement refs make poor calls, it's that they are influenced by the coaches, the players, and especially the crowd. Have some balls and go out and call it like you see it.

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    Re: The Officiating Calls that came to hunt the patriots

    Games that are won or lost hinge on many events during the game. In the end you look at common denomenators are having the bulk of the events that affected the outcome.

    The double hand off end around play works in College, not in the NFL, too much speed. What a stupid, stupid call. The Ravens play did pick up after that.

    The secondary is still tackling poorly, off the ball, never looks back at the ball forcing them to make contact. As a group they are poor tacklers, very poor. The sum of McCourty's work, going back to last year, is not good. Never in position, grabbing on every play (so yes he's going to get called) and the weakest tackler of the group. He may well have been a flash in the pan.

    The Ravens had a few bad calls against them, you gotta play through it.

    It would have been nice if the D could have put the hammer down, they couldn't. Time and time again we have seen, and will continue to see, that no pass rush means defeat. The rules favor the O and if you can't impact the QB these long throws are gonna keep killing you. Remember, there were many of these throws during the game, not just one.

    Well, on to the next game.