The Packers defense...

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    The Packers defense...

    makes me jealous.
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    Re: The Packers defense...

    wish we had clay jr... he was mocked here.
    we fans were right. we needed an olb that could rush and we didnt get it and we are paying for it
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    Re: The Packers defense...

    are you sure it is Clay

    I think it is Dom Cappers it is the Same deffesive he has installed in Jaxsonville and houston and he has proven time and time again with the right tools he is one of the best DC's in the NFL allong with Greg williams and Mike Nolan

    Part of the defensive blame needs to be on Pees not being creative enought to get sacks

    i am sure the patriots have plans for next year if they wanted they would get a Stud WR in the first play laurence Maroney and Fred Taylor along with a Marque pick up like Sprolles ort Bush... if we get sprolles or bush we can renegotiate our contract with Faulk, dump taylor and activate BJGE

    that woudl give us Maroney, Morris, Faulk and Bush or Sprolles with Bush being more of a wide out in our system

    i would the draft Dez Bryant if he falls to top 15 you package a 2nd and move up in the first

    move up again in the second and get TWO big pass rushing DE/OLB

    Cut Springs and Adalious Thomas in an uncapped year they can take the hit

    Cutting marque players in an uncapped year allows them to sign A list Free Agents