The Pathetic NFL Officiating Continues

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    The Pathetic NFL Officiating Continues

    After last weeks terrible call on  Ndamukong Suh in Detroit, we now see a aweful call against the Jags. The Oakland QB is sacked in the pocket and fumbles. The Jags pick up the ball and score seven but wait the QB has some grass stuck in his helmet! The Ref throw a roughing the passer flag! Fifteen yards and a new first down! This has to stop!!! I'm beginning to think this is some sort of ploy by the NFL owners to use against the players in the union dealings.
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    Re: The Pathetic NFL Officiating Continues

    Yea it's getting out of hand.

    the call on Suh was egregious, then they fined him just to try to show everybody who's boss.  Ridiculous.

    And what's even crazier is that they still don't require mouthpieces, hip pads, knee pads, thigh pads, butt pads, or safer helmets (Shutt DNA or Riddell Revolution).  Safety my a*s*s
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    Re: The Pathetic NFL Officiating Continues

    It's the NFL.... touch a QB and draw a penalty.  The league wants to emphasize passing and scoring because it makes money.   They don't care if defensive players get hurt or get locked down by fear of penalties. 

    It's the QB's and to a much lesser extent the WR and RB that score points and sell tickets.  Therefore the league will do whatever it can to orotect their endorsements and advertising revenue.

    What's really embarrassing is that the league has so many rules to protect QB's from even being hit. In reality a QB is no different than any position player on the field.   A RB has as much right to throw a forward pass on any given play as a QB, just ask Tomlinson. 

    This will get REAL interesting as more teams start using the wildcat offense and direct snaps to RB's.  How will the league know who to baby when it's the RB's taking the snaps and the QB's going out wide?
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    Re: The Pathetic NFL Officiating Continues

    What gets me is that once the QB starts running down the field and is past the line of scrimmage, if he doesn't slide he's fair game.

    QB's should know this, too.  The league wants more of the Vick glamour runs that get fans excited and sells jerseys, or else they want super-exciting high-scoring shootouts in OK Corral.  Plain old tough defense is for s*ckas
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    Re: The Pathetic NFL Officiating Continues

    Honestly, the evolution of all sports is the all-mighty dollar.


    Football is not really a game (I know, shocker), its a business.  In order to grow the audience and increase sales, casual fans must be retained at a pace consistent to the growth of salary/ expenditures. 

    *Women( non-hard core) were accepted as potential viewers.
    *Fantasy sports opened up more reasons for casual fan to watch.
    *Multi-media outlets (satellite/ Internet) expanded home town viewership outside of regions
    *Talk radio expansion allowing 24/7 access and keeping dramatic interest.
    * Stadium experiences beyond the game to keep fannies in seats.
    * Stadium experiences outside the game to keep casual fan from leaving.
    * Marketing individuals over teams since the 1980s. Merchandise explosion!

    What does this all mean to the bad calls??

    The integrity of the sport is manipulated like the sands of a beach after each storm.  The coast line deteriorates but at such a clip where we don't see or feel the change right away. Only pictures of then to now can you see the dramatic effects!

    Football was a slow process to make scoring the centerpoint of its success. With more points, you keep people interested longer.  The longer they are interested, the more they will spend.  Quarterbacks are the central figure in attaining such an increase of viewers. The brilliance of making money is now rearing its ugly head.   The hard-core fan is becoming a relic of the past.  Hitting and the chess play gives way to the Drew Brees rally, the SNL skits of Manning, the TMZ of Brady, etc.  TO and Ochocinco's reality shows, Troy Polaomau pitching products because of his symbolic hair (whereas athletes were once picked to pitch a product, the actual star of an Ad)  ESPN and the likes creating fluff/ controversy for their 24/7 needs to fill time.

    To sum it up, we have pansy QB rules as well as rules squashing defense because we ALL want to make dirty money off the sport we claim to love. Think about it.. Goodell isn't killing the NFL, we are with our sinful and selfish delights.  Its the same reason why Belichick comes off as a curmudgeon. He's truly the last of the old NFL breed.   
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    Re: The Pathetic NFL Officiating Continues

    Clearly, it's out of hand, and even the casual fan is beginning to see it.

    That the NFL could look at tape of the penalty resulting from how Suh tackled Cutler -- an incorrect ruling on the field in real time (understandable) which assisted Chicago in a win over Detroit it may not have deserved -- and still issue a fine in that situation is deplorable. As Reese Bobby might say, "This is egregious!"

    The call against Jacksonville is equally perplexing, and it's fortunate that the Jagwires were able to win that game regardless, or you'd be hearing a lot more discussion about this nonsense. But what the league is essentially telling defenses is that you simply are not allowed to tackle the quarterback by any means . . .   in any situation . . .  under any circumstances . . .  ever . . .  at all.

    Simply ridiculous.

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    Re: The Pathetic NFL Officiating Continues

    The play in question is at 2:09 in this clip. What a joke if the league is calling this stuff.

    Glad the Jags came back and won they deserved it. If they beat Indy next week, Indy will not be able to win the South.