FYI: this is the thread I put up last year; was personally maligned by almost everyone who came into that thread.  Where are you, now?  In fact, I'm surprised you didn't see it!  (Of course, everything is easy in hindsight.)

Yeah, I told ya so.  Now, I'm getting the same grief in the Red Sox forum by people who are already counting 95 wins...wondering if it's enough for a wild card spot.  Yikes!  FYI: this implies that they will need to step it up against every team they play, unless they go 16-2 against Baltimore (unlikely), again.

It's great to cheer for your team; hope for the best.  However, there are some teams/seasons that the fans must be honest about; stop blaming the entire season on a few crazy bits/players/injuries/etc...which sounds silly.  Even Tom stated that right now they couldn't beat a good football team.  Perhaps, my "The Pats are a pretty good football team" thread was too optimistic?  Methinks.  Obviously, if the Pats plan on beating (or being one of the) great teams, they will surely need very good players- not just good players.  (The same holds true for the Sox who also seem to be infatuated with value, often at the expense of...very good players.)

The truth is bitter.