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The Pats are awesome!

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    The Pats are awesome!

    Last week my post got deleted because I criticised the sacrosanct team that played without their number one QB last year.  The Pats have not gone from an almost undefeated season to nothing.

    So, this week, I'll try something different.  Instead of stating that the offense cannot finish inside the red zone, I'll state that they might get in sync this year.  Rather than say that the defense is pretty bad, I'll put down that they looked fantastic on a few plays

    At least they are not embarrassing teams with their offense and being criticised for it by the rest of the league.  On the positive side, there is certainly no need for them to be overconfident.

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    Re: The Pats are awe some

    I have been a fan all my life at 45 years old, 35 year in florida. I can take winning and losing, however this game was a disgrace for its players and fans. I hope you can send my e-mail below to Mr. Kraft, I already sent it on the patriots website, but I just want to make sure. I am sure many fans feel he way I do today, no way can we have a winning season like this.

    Dear Mr. Kraft,
    You should be embarrassed to allow your team to fail and to terrible the first two games of this season, even though they won last week. As in the last few years you discarded players like in a card game to due the greed of money. It is obvious they you are not playing to win but to play for financial gain by allowing management to dump valuable players , the offense last year and now the defense. Top rated players who made what the patriots were are traded or discarded like trash. I am a fan who feels embarrassed for the football players, who no longer have a chance to have a winning record or even make it to the playoffs. Shame, Shame, Shame. I understand no team can be perfect, however no team should have to play without being properly staff due to financial gain. Please sell the team to an owner who values and their players and fans, so everyone can be respected and keep their dignity. Respectfully. Richard Botelho