In Response to The Pats' Best Friend is Also Their Own Worst Enemy:
It's obvious the hurry up works great for Brady & the offense, BUT... it gets them off the field faster too. And, then what's next? The Pats' D comes on the field and we hold our breath because we know what's coming next... a long, time-consuming drive that may end up in 7 points for the other team. Then since time is slipping away, TB has to go back into the hurry up to hopefully put up another 7 points, not just 3. Then here we go again, back on the field comes the Pats' D. The Pats had better develop a running game to help eat some of the time off the clock or they're in serious trouble. And, the O cannot turn the ball over. Almost every offensive drive needs to end up with 7 points. So what do you guys think is the answer for the playoffs? Can the Pats win a shootout against playoff teams? And, if they make it to the SB, can they win a shootout against Rodgers or Brees? What can they do to win if we all know the D is never going to come around in time this season? If run-of-the-mill QBs put up 300 - 400 yards against this D, what will Rodgers or Brees do? Somebody please give me hope.
Posted by patsfan93311

The way I saw it against the Redskins, they ran no-huddle to kinda prevent the Redskins from substituting, but still ran down the play clock a bit