the pats need a signature win.

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    the pats need a signature win.

    the pats havent won a game yet against a top team,and a win against the saints can take away any doubts about the colts game,and also prove where they are at in measureing up to the better teams in the NFL,and how far they will go in the playoffs.
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    Re: the pats need a signature win.

    Moss.. if only one game could prove such a thought.  I harken back to the Giants of 2007, did anyone tab them to do what they did in the playoffs?  Obviously, we want the Pats to look like the best team in the league, week in and week out.  The Monday game versus NO, in NO, a loss would sting, but, play the game in the Razor or a neutral site, Pats would be favored.  I do agree this win would go a long way to give comfort to Pats' fans they can win on the road against a quality team. 

    As for the Colts game, zebras and ball spot aside, didn't you get the feeling the Pats went into some sort of cruise control?  If they won, great, if they lost, which they did, they did show they can put points on the board and hold down Manning.