I sure thought the Pats would focus more on developing the running attack. Yes, they brought in Fred Taylor but this preseason Brady seems to be passing from the shotgun alot. My feeling was that it would be good if the Pats started to work with the Oline at pounding the rock. Create a hard nosed running game to go with Tom's arm but if Brady takes too many more hits like he did last night he may not have an arm to throw with. The Pats play in the Northeast and the weather goes bad in November. we need to pound the rock. That said, no tip toe dancing by Maroney! I like Ben Jarvis Green Ellis. He runs north and south! Plus our Defensive secondary looks alittle shaky. we need to run the ball to eat up the clock. I think the days of Brady totally winning the game for us is over and we need a running attack and improved D.