The Pats the new Bruins pre- lockout

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    The Pats the new Bruins pre- lockout

    Anyone agree with me that the Kraft rhetoric is sounding very similar to Bruins management pre lockout. Us fans are hearing far too much from ownership with regards to the future landscape of the NFL. My fear, as also a Bruins fan, is we heard the same talk from the Bruins management before the lockout as well and look how that turned out for them!! The Bruins went from having almost the best all around talent in the NHL before the strike to having to scramble and field a below average team after the lockout. Why does Bob Kraft care about other cities in the NFL as he said the other day? He should be concerned about next year and giving his star QB the best chance of winning. Bob PLEASE learn from the Bruins mistake and don't use the uncertainty of the labor situation as an excuse that you don't want to spend money because of that happens you'll have a VERY hard time filling Gillette Stadium with the highest ticket prices and an average team. Bob,for us fans it's all about winning and nothing less!!!!
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    Re: The Pats the new Bruins pre- lockout

    absolutely agree with the Jones, Synder approach NEVER has and will never work and basically agree with all your points. All I'm saying is there seems to be too much labor talk when it comes to the Patriots. I'm just hoping that it's business as usual in Foxboro and they don't waste a year in anticipation of the new collective bargaining agreement. Don't forget, they already seem to have miscalculated in the Seymour trade because it looks like the rookie cap won't hit to 2012 and NOT 2011 which they thought. My point in all of this is that it is impossible to try and figure what the collective bargaining agreement will be and if the Pats miscalculate and become ultra conservative than it could have dire consequences.