The PATS will be FIne!

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    The PATS will be FIne!

    I am totally confident that the PATS will turn this around.  People forget our 1st superbowl, we were 5-5 after 10 games.  Our 2ns superbowl we lost our 1st game 31-0 to Buffalo.

    We have been spoiled with so much success over the past 8-10 years.  Let's not forget that there has been significant turn-over on defence.  BB will introduce new schemes once they master the base defence. 

    As far as the offence is concerned, Brady will lead the team and turn this around.  Galloway needs to get with the program or he will be gone by week 8.  With Welker back in the fold, Edleman as our #3 receiver and more commitment to the run game, we will be fine.  The Pats need to trust their talented RB's by Committee.

    As long as we are 3-3 by Game #6, I predict a division win... and a 11-5 finish.

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    Re: The PATS will be FIne!

    LOL ...Joe go smoke another one!
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    Re: The PATS will be FIne!

    Certain things can get better:

    The 2009 Pats are loaded with newbies.  Maybe in 6 or 8 weeks the four top-of-second-rounders will get their legs under them.  Maybe the first third round pick (reputed to be of first round quality) will get off of the PUP list after week 6 and take over for Galloway.  Speaking of Joey Galloway, maybe the 11 or so new free agents will finish reading the NFL's most complex playbook.

    TB is just back from a major injury, and it may take a while to mentally get on track.

    In 2008, the San Diego Chargers proved that if concentrate all year on beating just one team with a unique offense, you can sometimes succeed.  Of course maybe everyone else will beat you on every other week.  SD clobbered the Patriots but went 7-8 otherwise.  Rex Ryan was talking smack specifically about the Patriots way back in the spring.  Then he purchased QB Kevin O'Connell's contract specifically to scout out the Patriots.  What if his team isn't specifically built to handle the NFC South and the AFC South?

    Moreover, BB has a strong record of beating teams in their second meetings.  The next meeting won't be in front of the NY-NJ crowd.
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    Re: The PATS will be FIne!

    I agree. Or I dis-agree. Mostly I'm posting to see if I can be seen.